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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Comes Home on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Lexi Ainsworth, Haley Pullos, Nancy Lee Grahn

Kelly Monaco, Lexi Ainsworth, Haley Pullos, Nancy Lee Grahn

Carly finds Sonny looking at brochures, but he says Mike isn't ready to discuss it. Carly points out they are set up to help people like Mike, but Sonny says this is his home. Mike interrupts, so Carly decides to take him out for an outing.

Molly and Sam drop by Alexis' to congratulate her on her win against Dr. Bensch. Alexis is happy they got justice, but says it may have come at a price. Alexis feels Kiki will be judged for the decisions she's made.

Monica calls Griffin into her office to say he's violated their core values. She asks if he did a DNA test without the patient's permission. Griffin admits he did because he believed Peter to be a danger.

Griffin says he and Peter kept it quiet, mostly because Griffin thought Jason would kill Peter if he knew the truth. Griffin questions whether Peter is the one that told, but Monica won't reveal it. Monica says it was an invasion of privacy and Peter could sue. She says Griffin is suspended.

Kiki stops by to see Ava and the two argue about what happened. Kiki says Ava had broken up with Griffin. Ava accuses Kiki of betraying her. Kiki says she felt badly, but doesn't anymore. She says Ava could have tanked the case, just to go after Griffin. Kiki accuses her mother of slut shaming her.

Ava says she wasn't thinking about the case, and the truth had no effect since Kiki won. Ava thinks Kiki slept with Griffin as payback for Morgan. Kiki says what she did was a mistake, but what Ava did with Morgan was spiteful. Ava tells her to leave and warns her she will no longer have a relationship with Avery.

Kristina's in town and stops by to see Sonny first. She says she's here for Michael and the family. Sonny asks about school, but Kristina says she's working as a bartender until she figures out what's next.

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Mike and Carly stop by the pub where they run into Julian and Kim. Julian mentions the photo of Mike and Charlie he gave to Sonny. Carly's also surprised to hear Julian say Sonny offered to buy the pub.

Mike starts talking about Charlie. Julian presses for more, but Kim steps in. After Mike leaves, Julian wonders why Kim interrupted. She says he promised he'd leave Sonny alone and it seemed like he was pumping Mike for information. Julian swears he's just trying to build a life with her.

Carly spots Liz and Franco. She thanks Franco for helping Jason get her out of Ferncliff. She says it bought him a truce. Liz brings up the shoplifting, which is news to Carly. Liz says Joss was with Cam when it happened.

Carly thinks Liz is implying that Joss is a bad influence, even though Liz denies it. Carly says Cam is reflection of Liz.

Kristina ends up at Alexis' house and is reunited with all the Davis women. Alexis says she's not happy with the way they left things. Kristina says she's happy in the life that she's chosen. After Alexis leaves, Sam wants the truth from Kristina.

Kiki asks Monica why David hasn't been fired. Monica says he didn't lose his license and is still allowed to practice. Kiki doesn't believe it's fair since Griffin has been suspended, even though he won't tell Kiki why.

Carly gets home and questions why Sonny wanted to buy Charlie's. Sonny makes an excuse. Mike hands Carly a pile of girl's clothes and says he found Joss' stuff in his closet. Carly goes through the clothes and sees the store tags still attached. She wonders what Joss has been up to.

Ava drinks alone and declares herself cold and unfeeling. She says she needs vengeance, and will have it.