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Perkie's Observations: Jason Worries About Margaux on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton

Sonny and Jason discuss the body under Charlie's. Jason says they need to make sure it doesn't resurface. They also don't want Julian to get the money to make his renovations.

Julian complains to Kim that Sonny has all the contractors in his back pocket. Margaux overhears and snoops for more information. Kim wonders if she and Margaux have ever met before, but Margaux claims they haven't.

Margaux continues to press Julian about Sonny, but Kim pulls him back. She reminds Julian she won't stay if he goes back to the mob.

Sam updates Kristina on the past few months. She tells her about Jason's return and how Drew left her. Kristina claims all is wonderful with Parker, but when Sam presses, Kristina admits she feels like she's drifting.

Stella stops by the mansion to offer Michael her condolences. She also has brochures for grief counseling groups. Michael believes he'll be fine and is moving forward. Stella says grief sometimes sneaks up on you.

Liz is thrilled to finally be working a shift with Terry. She mentions Cam's shoplifting. She says she thought she didn't have to worry about Cam. Terry points out it might be part of the problem. Liz admits she's spent more time dealing with Jake and his issues, and Aiden's wildness. Liz figures she needs to give Cam more attention and carve out some time with him.

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Jordan wants to discuss her wedding with Curtis and mentions how Stella tried to sabotage them by calling his ex. Stella arrives as Jordan tells Curtis that she doesn't want Stella at their wedding. Curtis says he loves them both and they all need to work to make this right.

Carly confronts Joss with the stolen clothes and wants her to tell the truth. Joss admits she shoplifted and it felt good when she got away with it. Joss is upset she believed Nelle's lies against her mother.

Carly says the only one to blame for everything is Nelle because she manipulated all of them. Joss says Nelle saved her life with the kidney, but Carly says that was Jax's doing. Joss is worried she'll lose her mother's love, but Carly says she'll never stop loving her.

Carly says Joss will return all the clothes with an apology. Carly tells her she'll compensate the vendors, but Joss will pay her back.

Sonny gets home and Joss tells him about the shoplifting. Sonny says she should have come to him. He reminds her she's held to a different standard as his step daughter.

Kristina stops by to see Michael and offer her condolences. Michael blames himself, but Kristina says the car accident didn't kill the baby. She says he can't blame himself for Jonah's death.

Sam stops by the bar to speak to Jason and spots Margaux talking to Julian. Jason says Margaux has a lock on Sonny that goes deeper than they originally thought. He thinks Margaux will be trouble for Sonny.