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Perkie's Observations: Nina Thinks Madeline Is Using Her on General Hospital

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Donna Mills

Donna Mills

Alexis is hosting a party for baby Wylie. Bobbie shows up and wants to call it off. She says Brad and Lucas are superstitious since the adoption isn't final yet. Brucas and the baby arrive. At first, they're not happy this is a party.

Sam reassures them their superstitions are unnecessary. Sonny holds the baby and Mike comments on how much he looks like Carly. Sonny reminds Mike the baby isn't related to any of them, which confuses him even more. Michael shows up at the party.

Drew confronts Margaux about talking to Jason about him. Margaux admits she wants to get to Sonny through Jason. Margaux says she'll succeed where others have failed, and will take Sonny off the streets.

Margaux says Drew has Jason's memories and questions why he's protecting his brother. Drew points out they have loved ones in common and he won't hurt them. Drew says Jason will never turn on Sonny and she shouldn't count on his help.

Drew accuses Margaux of using him all along. Margaux says she enjoyed spending time with him. Margaux kisses Drew before leaving.

Peter tells Valentin that he owes him. Valentin says he had no knowledge that Liesl was holding him captive. Peter says he won't be prosecuted and is staying in town. Peter wants a job from Valentin and he gives it to him.

Maxie and Nina head to Pentonville to see Madeline. She's been asking to see baby James. Nina's not happy to be there and dumps on her mother about their past . Maxie says they're there because Nathan always saw the good in Madeline.

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Maxie has a video of baby James for Madeline to watch and she appears grateful. Madeline feels Nina would have made a great mother and apologizes for the pain she caused her. Madeline blames everything on her addiction to money, and Nina feels her mother may have changed.

Madeline mentions a parole hearing coming up. (What? how is she already up for parole??) Both Nina and Maxie realize the waterworks and apologies were a ploy. Nina and Maxie both say they won't speak on her behalf and they are done with her.

A city inspector tells Julian he can't do his extension. The foundation has a hairline fracture that can only be seen by ultrasound. Julian's already annoyed since no contractor in town wants to work with him. Julian suspects Sonny's behind it.

Julian storms into Alexis' party to have it out with Sonny. He blames Sonny for all the problems, despite Sonny's claims he has nothing to do with it.

Julian apologizes to Alexis for storming in and takes a look at the baby. Julian says the baby looks different than he did that first night at the hospital. Brad claims babies change a lot in the first weeks.

Nina and Maxie run into Peter and question why he's still in town. Peter says thanks to Valentin he's now the new owner and publisher of The Invader tabloid.

Valentin stops by to see Madeline.

Alexis gets a call and announces to everyone the birth mother doesn't want to terminate her birth rights. She wants the baby back.