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Days of Our Lives' Week Long Wedding Event, Day One: Cin & Bonnie & "Marbie", Oh My!

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

This week’s promo advertised Days of Our Lives as a “week long wedding event”. Therefore, I have decided to blog a bit (or more than a bit) about each episode. Those two promos were FIRE and I thought they were worthy of a day by day review. Here’s what I got from Monday’s episode story by story:

Ciara/Ben/Claire/Tripp/Rafe/Hope: Hope is not getting how her daughter Ciara could possibly invite the “necktie killer” to live in the Saved By The Bell loft. Hope is trying to be protective by reminding her daughter who Ben is, but Ciara is having none of it. She continues to protect her pouty, cereal loving man. Ciara is done with mama Hope. Claire pipes in and tells Grandma Hope that she “owes Ben because she clobbered him and he didn’t press charges.” Mama/Grandma Hope is not buying what she is selling. Ciara says everyone is wrong about Ben. . . which sets up the story to be Ben and Ciara against the world. We are watching the birth of a SUPERCOUPLE in a way we haven’t in over a decade. This storyline is also a lovely nod to history because Hope would have been just as stubborn and defiant (and no, I’m not comparing Beauregard Aurelius Brady to Ben “Oliver” Weston).

Steve/Bonnie/Adrienne: Steve brought Bonnie back from Chicago (all dressed in hot pink). Adrienne was ready to confront her and send Bonnie back to Statesville. Bonnie immediately tries to flirt with “Patchy” by offering him the kink that Victor turned down. Oh wait, Adrienne is going to confront Bonnie – cue the body doubles! Adrienne says Bonnie framed her to settle an “old score”. Bonnie says she would do anything to settle her old score with “Old Red” (Maggie). I seriously hope Ron and the Dream Team decide to tell the story that Jo Johnson had twins, and Bonnie and Adrienne are them. They could totally be the 2018 version of Rose and Lily from As The World Turns.

Will/Sonny: They are ending their “We killed Leo, but we shouldn’t be held responsible” partnership, but Sonny doesn’t want it to be over (cut to Will’s puppy dog eyes as he really understands that Sonny loves him). Will thinks they made a great team and clearly cares for Sonny. He makes it clear he just wants to be friends because he’s got a hot and bothered Paul back at the Martin House. So, DEUCES!

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Kate/Ted: Kate confronts Ted about blackmailing her grandson Will. Then, she pulls a gun on Ted cuz ain't nobody messes with Grandma Kate nor none of her kin! Ted tries to talk is way out of the situation, but he’s quickly realizing Kate will bust a cap in him without thinking twice. It is interesting that Kate is talking us back through Vivian’s death – foreshadowing? Hmmmm . . . I love bad ass Kate. I love even more that bad ass Kate, even at the Salem Inn, has a full bar in her room.

Marlena/John: Marlena is happy and mewing all over John because he says nothing is ever coming between them again. Suddenly, John has the mail and there is a box that nobody expected. What’s in the box? Marbie is in the box – wearing the gown that she wore in 1999. Side note: For those who have not been watching this show since God was a boy, “Marbie” was a Barbie like Marlena doll that is wearing the same wedding dress Marlena donned in her first wedding to John. When Marlena pulls the doll from the box, she is clearly disturbed. What could this mean? John takes the doll and begins to play with it and be silly. Doc is not amused. I kind of love they are using this bit of history as a nod to history with foreshadowing (cue Celeste, “Danger, Dahlin! Danger!”).

Day One of the “Days of Our Lives Week Long Wedding Event” was really solid. Ron C, Sherry, Ryan and the rest of the "Dream Team" are giving us soap opera realness by bringing several storylines to a climax at an event that is nearly 30 years in the making - John and Marlena's Big Mewing Wedding.

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Who sent “Marbie” to Marlena? What did Grandma Kate do with smooth talking Ted? Will Ben eat more cereal and exchange grins with Ciara that make ice cream melt in Alaska in the middle of January? Some of these questions might be answered tomorrow as we review Tuesday’s episode.

What did you think of today’s episode? Sound off in the comments.