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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Gets Some Scoop from Madeline on General Hospital

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James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

Brad can't handle things and takes off to Julian's pub. At the house, Lucas questions Alexis about whether they will lose their son or not. Alexis says there will be a hearing to find out what the best interests of the baby are. Lucas wonders what their chances are over the mother's.

Valentin pays Madeline a visit. He says he can get famed lawyer Nora Buchanan to help her at the parole hearing. In exchange, he wants some answers. Valentin believes when Nina went into her coma she didn't miscarry, but the baby survived.

Madeline denies it, but Valentin says he did his research. He found out Nina was not in Crichton-Clark the entire time. The first 8 months are unaccounted for. Madeline finally admits she hired a nurse to take care of Nina during the pregnancy.

Madeline says she didn't want the baby girl to have a claim on the family inheritance, so she brokered an adoption. She promises to tell him where to find the girl if Valentin helps secure her release. Valentin says he won't help Madeline get out of prison.

Margaux takes off, but Drew tracks her down. He questions the kiss. He feels she was seducing him to get information. Margaux claims she wasn't working an agenda, but she likes him and finds him sexy.

Drew apologizes and says he doesn't have a great track record in the romance department. Drew says if they're going to try something, then there can be no talk of Jason or Sonny. Margaux agrees. When she leaves, Drew calls Curtis to do a background check on her.

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Peter offers Maxie a job at the Invader. This compels Nina to offer Maxie a promotion.

Carly worries about Michael  since the baby's funeral is tomorrow. (So, in the Brucas timeline, the 30 days is almost up, but in Michael's timeline, it's only been a few days since the babies death. Ok, show).

Carly wonders what's going on between Sonny and Julian. Sonny tells her the Croton story. Carly questions whether the body can be tied back to him. Sonny says they'll identify the body as one of Scully's men and his fingerprints are on the gun. He's certain the new DA will put him away for murder.

Lulu finds Chase drinking at the Rib. He's still feeling sorry for himself. Peter shows up to talk to Lulu. He offers her a position at the Invader. Peter promises he's changing it from a rag and to stories rooted in truth.

Michael sits and drinks with Chase. Chase wonders why Michael doesn't hate him. Michael figures he hates himself enough for both of them. Michael says he's spent months making plans and now the only thing he has to do is attend his son's funeral.

Alexis tells Lucas she'll do everything in her power to help him keep Wiley. However, judges have always favored the birth mother. Alexis says they have to prove Brucas have a nurturing and safe home.

Julian tells Nina and Maxie that Brucas could lose the baby. Nina talks about losing her own child and how she's never gotten over it. Maxie tells Nina to come home with her and spend time with James. Nina is grateful to have Maxie in her life.

Brad shows up at Charlie's asking for Julian's help with the birth mother. Brad's muttering things, including how Wiley is not her baby. Julian's confused. Lucas shows up to take Brad home.