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Days of Our Lives Week Long Wedding Event, Day 2:  Susan Returns and Jennifer Paints a Self-Portrait!

Deidre Hall, Stacy Haiduk, Mary Beth Evans

Deidre Hall, Stacy Haiduk, Mary Beth Evans

Let’s get started with Day 2 of the Days of Our Lives week long wedding event!

Will/Paul/Susan: We open today’s episode with baseball-based double entendre between Will and Paul, who are being super cute because they WUV each other and are so very happy – for now. A mystery guest approaches the door. It’s Susan! She wants to make her amends because she knows it was a bad, bad thing turning Will into EJ. She’s also super excited that Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black are getting “Re-Re-Re-Re married!”

Kayla/Steve: Steve is still suspicious and worried about Kayla’s big “secret”. I’m not super invested in this particular scene, but here comes Valerie to save Sweetness. She whisks her away to pregame for Marlena’s bachelorette eleganza extravaganza! Side note: I’ve missed Valerie!

John/Marlena: Mewing/laughing Marlena thinks John is incorrigible for wanting to undress her. Carrie calls to say that Noah is sick, so she and Austin won’t be making it to this wedding. John is going to take Marbie with him for company!

Bachelorette Party Setup/Pregame: Claire is in charge of Grandma Marlena’s party setup and is bossing around anybody who will listen. In the meantime, Eve is giving Jennifer ALL OF THE BUSINESS about keeping secrets from Eric while still wearing that rock on her finger. Brady and Eric both standup for their women. Then, they head over to party with John and his posse at the Brady Pub. Eve promises Brady she’ll behave . . . Hmmmmm . . .

Bachelorette Party: Marlena/Jennifer/Claire/Kayla/Valerie are going to paint flowers while Eve catches a buzz. Marlena mentions that Kate and Hope can’t make it. When folks wonder why Hope won’t ditch work, Claire spills the beans that Grandma Hope is mad at Grandma Marlena because she helped Ben Weston get out ANNNNND he is living with everybody at the Saved By the Bell loft. Eve is pissed, but who cares because here comes Belle! Shawn Douglas will be here tomorrow! Claire wanted to surprise Grandma Marlena by bringing Belle a day early. Marlena thinks Claire is the best . . . and Claire agrees that sometimes she IS the best. Side note: I’ve missed Belle and Shawn!

Just when you think this party can’t get any better . . . Here comes Susan! She is so happy to come and apologize to Dr. Marlena Evans and wonders if she got the gift. Susan sent Marbie! Kayla and Eve clue in a very confused Valerie about Susan Banks – I thought those side comments from Kayla and Eve were GOLD. Susan thanks Dr. Marlena Evans for inviting her to stay for the remainder of the bachelorette party and attend the wedding tomorrow – even though she wasn’t actually invited, at any point, by anyone.

As the party begins to wind down, Eve jabs at Jennifer about the “dried twig” she was painting, and finished with the line of the day, “Oh, I didn’t realize we were doing self-portraits.”

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It truly was an ALL OF THE EVERYTHING moment.

In the other corner of the room, OMG, Susan is taking a page out of the book of CELESTE . . .

(I. MISS. CELESTE.) . . . and wants to read Kayla’s cards. “Looks like someone is keeping a big fat secret from her husband!” Claire wants a turn! She draws the death card. Valerie correctly reminds the crowd the death card actually means rebirth and renewal. Now for Dr. Marlena Evans – she got the lover card! She thinks of John's words, "Bad luck is no match for true love." At the end of the party, Susan plays with Marbie – cue the menacing music.

At the end of the party, Kayla is projecting her own stuff on Jennifer by encouraging her to keep the secret about Nicole from Eric. Just then, Eric swoops in to get Jennifer and takes her for some much desired, goose bump inducing . . . ice cream - WahWah.

Wait, we’re not quite done! Susan has discovered that Dr. Marlena Evans’ lovers card is upside down! It doesn’t mean happiness at all. It means loyalty shall fade, imbalance, and disharmony. This marriage is DOOMED, DAHLING! DOOMED!

Bachelor Party: The party with the guys was not nearly as engaging as Marlena’s hoe down however, it was filled with lovely bonding moments and bromancing between Eric/Brady, Roman/Will, and John/Steve. Abe was there too sort of bonding with everyone, but didn’t have his own cuddle buddy. It was just kind of lovely to watch all of that history on my screen and gave me the warm fuzzies that soaps are supposed to give. Meanwhile, Will and Paul told John about Susan! John and Paul are playing catch – I genuinely love John and Paul’s relationship.

Outside, John and Paul are playing catch and talking about vows and love and baseball. I am such a fan of these two. I love their father/son bonding so much. More warm fuzzies. Suddenly, John remembers he’s a bro and wants to catch one of Paul’s professional fast balls. Unfortunately, Abe distracts John – he was outside searching for a cuddle buddy – and John takes it in the eye! Doc is not going to be happy!

Steve and John go back to the Salem Inn to continue their bro cuddling and decide what to do about John’s shiner. Marlena makes a surprise visit to engage in some goodnight cuddling of her own. When John opens the door, he is wearing Steve’s patch to cover his black eye – Marlena thinks it's cute enough to warrant multiple mews!

Ending note:  Stacy Haiduk made her debut today as Susan Banks. If folks were worried about this recast, today's episode should set their minds at ease. She had the voice and mannerisms down. Well played, Ms. Haiduk, well played.  

See you tomorrow for Day 3!