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Perkie's Observations: Michael and His Family Say Goodbye to Jonah on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Chad Duell, Laura Wright

At Jonah's funeral, Sam and Jason sit by baby Lila's grave and reminisce about losing her. Sam says Michael is lucky to have Jason to help him through this.

Michael's not sure how anyone can eulogize a baby that wasn't here long enough. Carly's there to support him. Lucas, Joss, Oscar, Diane, Max and Lulu offer their condolences.

Joss gives a eulogy, which is more of a story about how wonderful Michael is. Therefore, he would have been a great father.

Kristina stops by her mother's before heading to the service. Alexis says she's worried about Parker for nothing and just wants Kristina to be happy.

Julian finds Brad. He asks what he meant when he said the baby wasn't the birth mother's child. Brad tells a partially true story, in that the first baby died. He says when he was on his way to the hospital, he ran into a homeless person with a newborn and switched babies. Nelle's name never comes up.

Brad worries that he and Lucas will be arrested if he's found out. He asks Julian to intervene. Julian promises to look into it.

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Curtis has Margaux's life history for Drew. Basically, she was an excellent student who graduated top of her class. She was married, then divorced, and hung out in affluent circles. Curtis mentions that Margaux was the ADA on some high profile cases. Drew wonders why she chose to move to Port Charles. Curtis claims there's nothing suspicious in her background, but Drew says she has an angle. Drew needs to get closer to Margaux to figure it out.

Julian stops by to talk to Alexis about the case. Alexis says she is meeting with the birth mother's lawyer to find out what's in the best interest of the baby. Alexis says she'll make a case that Brucas have bonded with the baby, but the mother still has rights.

When Alexis heads out to meet with the birth mother's lawyer, Julian follows her. Alexis meets with Diane.

Once the service is done, Michael says he's grateful for everyone's support, but he wants to go to the cemetery by himself.

Jason finally remembers he has a mother and checks in with her. Monica says Michael is lucky to have people who love him, including Jason.

Joss apologizes to Oscar for her churlish behavior. Kristina lays it on thick that it's a good thing Jason is back for Sam to love.

Michael heads to the cemetery, where he talks to Morgan's grave. He asks for his brother look out for his son.