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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Really Wants a Job on General Hospital

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Emme Rylan, Billy Miller

Emme Rylan, Billy Miller

Curtis shows Drew the Invader photo of him and Margaux kissing. Drew explains that it was all her and she just asked him to help him bring down Sonny. Drew says he has all of Jason's memories and could put JaSon away.

Curtis counters that Margaux may want Drew just for him, and he might miss something special. Drew's just trying to keep his eyes open.

Margaux is upset by the photo and even more so, when Peter tells her that he is the new publisher. She accuses Peter of infringing on her personal life. Peter counters that what she does in public is fair game. Peter wants them to work together. He wants information on big cases, but Margaux isn't interested.

Lulu tells Maxie and Nina about Peter's offer to work at the Invader. The two are shocked that Peter tried to poach her as well. Lulu tells Peter she won't be accepting his job offer.

Julian eavesdrops as Alexis and Diane discuss the case. They worry about the birth mother's decision to get the baby back. When the two leave the room, Julian lets himself in and takes photos of the birth mother's information.

Michael returns from the cemetery where he tells Sonny he didn't know how to leave. Sonny says the only way out of the grief is to go through it. He says Michael has a lot of people who love him and will help him.

Maxie's not happy to have Valentin show up and bother Nina again. Nina explains his 30 days regarding their divorce are up. Maxie demands that Nina go through with the it, and Nina agrees. Valentin is annoyed at Maxie's interference.

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Lulu goes to Drew to ask for his help saving her job. She says she's been demoted to puff pieces and wants Drew to put in a good word for her. Drew however, feels that she needs to keep plugging along and the right opportunity will open up for her.

Maxie confronts Peter about poaching Lulu. Peter says he wants to write true stories and it shouldn't bother Maxie. Lulu returns and asks if the position is still available because she wants it.

Alexis tells Brucas that with the mother changing her mind, their past is fair game.

Margaux seeks out Drew to apologize for the photo in the Invader. Drew asks if she wants to have dinner with him.

Julian complains to Kim about the birth mother changing her mind. Kim says the bond between mother and child is strong.

Valentin meets with Curtis to offer him a job. Curtis isn't interested because of his friendship with Nina. Valentin tells him Nina didn't miscarry her baby, and he wants Curtis to find her.

Nina meets with Diane to sign the divorce papers. Diane asks if she's sure. She advises Nina that she can change her mind and decide at a later date. Nina signs.

Julian calls the birth mother and asks to meet her.