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Perkie's Observations: Anna Wants Answers From Cassandra on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Carly and Jason talk about the body under Julian's pub. Carly worries things will get worse. Jason says they're waiting and watching for now.

Liz sends Franco out shopping with the boys for school supplies. Franco and the boys end up in the park. Cameron hurts Aiden's feelings, which upsets Franco. Franco tries to reassure Aiden. Franco makes Cam apologize, which is only half-hearted. Franco says hurting his brother is not cool. Cam counters that Franco hurt a bunch of people himself. Franco says it's a matter of public record and not to be a bully to Aiden again.

Robert updates Jordan on Anna and Finn's disappearance. Jordan's upset they don't know Anna's whereabouts. Chase shows up. He's angry that no one told him Finn was missing. He worries that if something happens to Finn, he'll never get a chance with his brother.

Jordan declares Chase the new liaison to the WSB, despite Robert's protests. Jordan says Chase has fresh eyes, so Robert agrees as long as Chase does as he's told. Robert gives Chase the file on Cassandra and tells him to familiarize himself.

Lucy finds Kevin drinking alone and reminds him that it's his birthday. She thinks Laura forgot to call Kevin. Kevin says he's been preoccupied with work and not thinking about his birthday. Lucy thinks Kevin is hiding something, but he basically tells her to mind her own business.

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Patient Collins tells an orderly that a dangerous man is roaming Port Charles. He says he's a prisoner and the other man will destroy everyone he loves.

Finn doesn't want to wake up Cassandra, but the goons insist. Finn pretends she's sicker than they thought and has a contagious disease. He manages to convince the goons to leave. Finn gives Cassandra something that wakes her out of her coma.

Anna explains to Cassandra they're all being held captive and she wants Cassandra's help in figuring out who's behind it. Anna promises to help her escape in exchange for the information. Cassandra isn't interested in helping. Anna says she has no choice if she doesn't want to go back into the coma.

Kiki and Liz are not happy to see Dr. Bensch back at work. He says he's filed an appeal and will get his settlement back. David is called to Monica's office. When he returns, he angrily tells the women he's been fired. David says he's going to sue the hospital for wrongful termination and Kiki for defamation of character.

Carly approaches Kevin and thanks him for what he did for her. She asks about the patient in the room beside her. Kevin tells her that the entire staff at Ferncliff has been replaced and the patients are getting the best possible care.

Carly questions whether she should continue therapy, but Jason tells her she's perfectly sane.

Lucy returns and gives Kevin a birthday cupcake as a peace offering. Kevin heads to Ferncliff and wishes his brother Patient Collins, a happy birthday.