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Days of Our Lives Week Long Wedding Event, Day 5:  Kristen and Sami Go All Kristen and Sami!

Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk

Friday’s episode was split into WilSon and the wedding, so that’s how I’ve split them below. Let’s get started!


Will and Sonny open the show as Sonny finds Will crying. He's just remembered their wedding. Sonny is worried, but Will says he just needed to get some air. Sonny reminds him he’s been attending an outdoor wedding – which I actually thought was pretty funny – and Will rambles on about being dehydrated and needing some water. Will tells Sonny he remembered their wedding, and now he starts to cry. Will says he’s gotta go, but Sonny is afraid if he doesn’t talk about it, he’ll forget it. Will is thinking that folks are gonna notice he’s missing. Sonny is pounding Will with questions and Will is getting a little beside himself. Sonny thinks Will is remembering the WilSon magical love. I think he’s right.

Sonny is continuing to push Will to tell him what happened – Sonny pretty clearly knows what happened, but he wants Will to use his words! Will says he was watching Marlena at the altar. Suddenly, she was his grandmother, Marlena – Claire Bear will have to make sure he understands we call her “Grandma Marlena” now. He felt all the love from her and from all the people in the Square, and the love he knew with Sonny. That’s not exactly what he said, but through the use of recreated flashbacks, we’re supposed to get the gist. Sonny really wants him to remember that kiss, and it looks like that’s where we’re headed.

Will is remembering more and more from the wedding. He’s remembering some good things about Sami. This will help him understand how anyone might have affection for this crazy woman who had him strangled with a necktie by Ben (thus sparking his recovery, but that’s for another day). The memories continue to wash over Will as he remembers Lucas and his many marriages. Then, WilSon’s reminiscence focuses more on their parents, Sami/Lucas and Justin/Adrienne, and how they reacted to their relationship. This is really good stuff.

Will wants to find everyone and tell him that he remembers them and that he loves them. He remembers Arianna Grace! He is remembering Nick Fallon. Ah, Nick. I miss Nick. He remembers his whole life. This is good stuff, y’all. Here it comes. The kiss! And I’m in tears again. As previously noted, I’m much more Team Horita than Team WilSon, but this week has featured some pretty amazing WilSon magic.

The Wedding:

Sami makes her less than grand entrance by flopping down the aisle. She really looks like she is drunk or drugged or something . . . Marlena even asks her, “Sami, are you drunk?” Sami isn’t terribly convincing when she says she’s not drunk, but that they can’t get married. If Marlena says “I do”, she will die – cut to Susan clutching a revolver. John and Marlena are looking at her like folks look at their drunk relative at the backyard barbecue, who has ruined a perfectly lovely afternoon with their inappropriate foolishness. Trying to convince her again, Sami calls Marlena “Mommy” and tells her she has to believe her. To hell with it, Samantha Gene is going to rummage through the audience to look for . . . well, I’m not really sure what she’s looking for, but she finds it in Susan! Susan squawks at Sami when she is pulled out of her chair. Sami says, “It’s YOU!”

Eric is trying to pull her off. Everyone else just sort of sits there either looking aghast or with the knowing look that comes with having spent a lifetime around Samantha Gene Brady. Susan is just sort of randomly screaming at Sami, without actually using her words. Marlena tells Sami she invited Susan and her doctors have declared her healthy. Sami says, "This isn’t Susan!" Whaaaaaaaaat?

Susan reminds Sami she is the one who brought her son back from the brink of death! Sami is still flailing in Eric’s arms. Suddenly Susan is losing her peculiar accent while she's shouting. Sami rips at Susan’s hair, which comes OFF to reveal a blonde mane under a brunette wig. There's lots of gasping and screaming in the audience – like folks getting blessed on Sunday morning. Sami then backslaps Kristen/Susan’s face, which sends her teeth flying across the room in slow motion. The best part of this whole scene is that John and Steve move out of the way, allowing the fake teeth to head right for Marlena. They land smack in the middle of Doc's bouquet! All eyes slowly turn back to the fighting females with shock and awe. A very blonde and very differently dressed Kristen has been announced by Marlena, followed by Kristen herself in very fabulous fashion.

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Kristen, in all of her glory, is holding a gun and giving us a monologue about not knowing what to bring, so she brought a gun – because “Salem’s graying secret agent men” are always ready to “spring” into action.

Side note: I tend to make a “whooooo” sound when I think dialogue is funny, or biting, or just telling it like it TIS. “graying secret agent men” elicited whoop number eleventy for the week.

Eric tries to appeal to Kristen that Sami needs a doctor. Kristen reminds Eric she’ll be fine because he recovered from last time he was drugged, right? Everybody’s getting a little uncomfortable remembering that Kristen drugged and raped Eric, which began the rift with brother Brady. To make it even more awkward, Kristen asks Jennifer if she likes Eric’s birthmark. Folks are now even more uncomfortable because everyone has seen Eric’s birthmark. Y’all remember that Marlena, not knowing Eric was involved, plotted with Victor to expose Kristen. They ended up exposing Eric, birthmark and all, up in God’s House during Kristen/Brady wedding #2.

Belle wants to know if Shawn can get to his phone, but wait, Claire Bear took them all away because Grandma Marlena didn’t wasn’t folks putting their business on the social medias! Kristen really wants folks to pay attention to her! Kristen is feeling herself and the attention she’s getting. Steve is going to spring into action and try to tackle her. Nope. Nope. Nope. Kristen takes a shot just to the left of Steve to stop the graying secret agent man, but assures folks she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt . . . unintentionally. During the next few minutes, we learn that Susan actually did show up earlier in the week, but this is most assuredly, not the “orthodontically challenged” Susan. Why is Kristen there? She is of course, after Marlena! I do love Marlena in peril . . . is there a birdcage around???

Another side note: I’m not entirely sure that Susan was actually there earlier in the week.

Sami is all like I tried to tell y’all what was happening, but nobody wanted to hear me. She stumbles up to Marlena, and Kristen reminds her she has plenty of bullets and will take her out too. No one can stop her. Brady approaches Kristen to remind us that he is her kryptonite and immediately her face softens because she hoped he would be there.

Brady is reminding Kristen of all the things she has done and how she always paints herself as the victim. He even knows the part of her that wants to be loved and wants to be a mother. Honestly, I’d be pretty happy if she just smiled and shot him. I don’t want him dead or anything. I just really can’t have him being the one that saves the day. Eric! Eric has made his way behind Kristen so that she is seemingly surrounded, but not really because Kristen turns her gun on Eric and no one takes the opportunity to tackle her while her back is turned – but I can let that one go.

Kristen is pissed. Brady distracted her with painful memories so “Father Dufus” (Whooooo!) could ambush her. Now, they’re all in trouble. Kristen wants a blood bath. She says she should have known better because “Brady always betrays everyone in the end.” - are you listening, Eve?? Eric tries to use his powers of persuasion to talk Kristen down, but she shuts him down 'cuz she’s not done with Brady. Ooooh, she does address Eve by asking “how’s your sister doing?” If you forgot, little Tater Tot was actually given birth to by Kristen. She took him from Theresa’s womb when he was just a budding spud. That's actually why Marlena was in Europe, and able to push Kristen out a window, because Theresa figured out what Kristen had done. Hold up! Kristen just said she wasn’t going to shoot anyone and tossed Sami the gun, saying, “You are.” (Insert me looking like a confused dog with my head cocked to the side).

Sami looks confused, like everyone else, that she has the gun. I’m also not sure why no one takes the gun from Sami and ends this reign of terror – but I’ll let that go. Kristen tells Sami that maybe she should shoot John instead of Marlena. John and Marlena’s affair destroyed her family. Sami’s like, nah I don’t think so, I got over that stuff years ago. She is so out of it. Kristen is talking to Sami and staring at her in a way that I’m wondering if there is a mind control thing happening. I’m just not sure. Anyway, Kristen says wait, I forgot to tell you, "EJ is ALIVE!" Sami kind of has that confused dog look I described earlier. You buried the lead, Kristen!

Little breadcrumbs . . . Kristen has been holding Sami captive for weeks. Kristen knows that Sami won’t shoot her because she’ll never know where EJ is or what happened. When Sami doesn’t believe her she tells the story of injecting EJ at the hospital, and relates it to what happened to Will. Nobody believed Ben Weston, except Sami. Kristen is pushing and pushing. Paul tries to interject by asking about Will, but Kristen is like don’t nobody care about that little scamp, move along. Sami is swinging that gun around, still clearly drugged or some under some such DiMera concoction. John and Marlena both look scared because they know it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Sami will pull the trigger. She says, “I’m sorry”, and Eric goes after her arm. The gun goes off! Fade to black.

I am physically exhausted after watching this episode, but it was SO worth it. Our Week Long Wedding Event has come to an end, but it really looks like this story is just getting started. Wow, what a week! I hope you enjoyed taking the ride with me! Sound off in the comments below!