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Perkie's Observations: Drew Finds a Flash Drive in Margaux's Room on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller

Carly and Jason are still playing pool when Margaux and Drew return for a dinner date. Carly shows Jason the photo of the kiss in the Invader. Jason says Margaux's coming after Sonny and worries since Drew has all of his memories.

Drew asks Margaux about her past, but she goes over it in general terms. When Drew goes to the bar to get a drink, Jason reminds him that Margaux is not to be trusted. Drew says he knows she wants him to flip on Jason and he's keeping an eye on her.

Margaux offers her condolences to Carly for Jonah's death and Fernciff. Margaux says she doesn't like when people circumvent the law. Carly snarks back that Margaux is using sex as a weapon and those kinds of women are awful. (She oughta know, amirite)

Chase and Robert are still working on trying to find Anna and Finn. Robert shows him the Cassadine crest and believes they are involved. Robert doesn't think it's Valentin, even though he had ties to Cassandra. Chase gets a text that someone filled a prescription on Finn's pad and has a camera shot of the car plates.

Julian has Leo for the day and spends it in the park with Ava. He worries about Brucas, which makes Ava wonder if Julian has done something.

Griffin arrives and accuses Ava of tattling to Monica. Ava has no problem admitting it because she wanted to hurt him like he hurt her. Griffin, always the pious one, claims he's fine with the suspension since he deserved it.

Leo falls out of a tree. Julian freaks out and worries about a concussion. Griffin calms Leo and checks him out. Griffin doesn't think anything's wrong. He tells Julian to bring Leo to the hospital to get him checked out anyway.

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Ava jokes that Julian was more scared than Leo, and maybe he needs his blankie. Leo says to his father, "like the yellow blanket that you put in Jonah's room?". (Uh oh, busted!!) Julian explains he told Leo they were giving away Jonah's things to needy kids.

After Julian and Leo leave, Griffin wants to know about the blanket, and if it's the one that caused all the trouble.

Anna keeps badgering Cassandra. She wants to know if she'll help them or if they should put her back into the coma. Cassandra finally agrees. When the goons return, she plays unconscious. Finn claims he has a drink to cure them of any contagion they might have caught from her. Everyone drinks and the goons pass out, giving them a chance to escape.

Anna and Finn head out, leaving Cassandra unattended. They run into Robert and Chase, who have arrived to save the day. When they head back to the room, Cassandra is gone. Cassandra is in a car, with a man with a Cassadine ring on his finger.

Carly worries about what Drew might say to Margaux. Jason reassures her that Drew knows what Margaux is up to, and is playing along.

Margaux heads to her room to change her shirt. While in the other room, Drew snoops through her stuff and finds a flash drive. Margaux's upset when she returns to find him with it. Drew question what's so important about it.

Sonny explains to Felix that Mike isn't ready to discuss the care facilities. Mike shows up with gloves, wanting to play catch with Sonny. Later, Mike tells Sonny he wants to go to a real game at Yankee Stadium. When Mike leaves the room, Felix comments that maybe home is the best place for Mike with all it's memories. Sonny says those memories don't exist.

Sonny gets a call from Diane and leaves the room. Mike comes back, confused. He spots one of Sonny's men outside and thinks he's breaking in. Mike sets off the house alarm, which causes Jason, Sonny and the minion to come in guns blazing. Mike freaks out with all the commotion.