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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Takes a Bullet from Sami's Gun Because "Father Dufus" Can't Keep to Himself

Deidre Hall

Deidre Hall

Hey folks! If it's okay with y'all, I'm going to continue to do the Days of our Lives recap. Some days, these recaps might be a 2 minute video with a little summary, but I'll do my best to put DAYS content up on the daily! Without further adieu . . . 

We open with a little review of Sami swinging that gun around and Kristen reminding her that all she has to do is pull that little trigger if she wants to see EJ. Kristen wouldn't lie . . . would she? Eric has to find his way to Sami and interject. And the gun goes off.

Meanwhile, WilSon are back to being all up in their feelings, remembering all their business, and . . . the kiss. Will gives a little giggle and says the kiss brings back a lot of memories. Maybe I"m wrong, but I'm thinking that kiss won't make Will forget the fastball pitcher who is Paul Narita.  

Here comes Hope and Rafe being all Hope and Rafe, trying to send the cereal-eating part of our #CIN back to prison. Where is Eli to remind Hope and Rafe she's using precious department resources to bark up the wrong tree? 

Back to the wedding . . . Marlena is DOWN! That meddling Eric has forced the hand of Sami to shoot Marlena! Help her, Kayla! Here comes Valerie and her cardiac surgeon sleeves to assist. How did these folks let Kristen get the gun back? Kristen appreciates Sami "doing her a solid". Kristen offers up EJ, but says she needs to head out. So she grabs Claire Bear as a hostage! This should be interesting. Claire Bear seems to be a favorite of the Salem villains. Don't y'all remember that Orpheus took her hostage, as well?

Belle is fretting about her Claire Bear and Eve is trying to comfort her - yes, Eve. Greensleeves and Kayla are trying to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, Cyclops thinks Paul should be comforting his dad, but Paul thinks he needs to find Will. Bros before hoes, I suppose.  

Sonny is still gushing about the return of Will's memory, but Will isn't exactly saying the magic words Sonny wants to hear. "It changes everything," or does it? Will is about to crush Sonny's hopes and dreams . . . I think.  

Rafe is being flirty with Hope. Hope is trying to railroad another person, whose name is NOT HORTON into a jail cell (#HortonPrivilege). Oh Lord, Rafe is bringing up Samantha Gene, but Hope says she can't let Jarlena down . . . but didn't she already by not showing up to the wedding? . . . 

Eric is consoling Sami even though he is the one that caused all the trouble. Marlena is conscious, gasping for air, and worried about Kristen. John is being supportive in the way you would if you thought somebody was going to go on to glory. As the sirens get louder, Marlena is out.  

Paul is back . . . but how did he not find Will when he is next door at TBD, er, I mean Doug's Place.? Here comes Eve with the cell phones in a basket. Paul sees Will's phone, so he has no idea how he's going to contact him. It's Salem, Paul! There's only like five places total he could be!

Will thinks he and Sonny shouldn't be all involved in this mess now, but Sonny continues to be A DOG WITH A BONE because it's all about MEEEEEEE! Sonny is getting all up on my last good, gay nerve.  

Belle found Claire because she twisted her ankle and Kristen didn't want "dead weight". Claire points Shawn D and Brady in the right direction.  

To the hospital . . . Jennifer is comforting Eric, who is asking Samantha Gene details. She can't be bothered with this nonsense right now Eric! Certainly not after you caused her to shoot her mama! Sami is concerned about Marlena, but is way more concerned about the whereabouts of one EJ DiMera - as are we all. In the other room, Abe and John are inappropriately watching over Marlena in the E.R. during a medical procedure.  

Back at Horton Square, Eve is wandering around with her basket of phones, while Belle is trying to comfort Claire, who kind of seems over it all. Shawn D is trying to be her daddy, and Belle is going to let him since she needs to go to the hospital and see her mama. 

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Will is trying to explain to Sonny he needs to bring it down a notch because this is all new and he is being A LOT.  Will declares their status as, "its complicated". WTF! Who is that? It's Susan! With dark hair . . . in some sort of white sleep like outfit. She declares that "the devil is here", and she is "MEAN, MEAN, MEAN".

Hope and Rafe continue to drone on about Ben when Brady and Eve come in to tell them Kristen is alive. . .and Marlena has been shot!  Brady says Sami shot her, but we all saw that Eric forced her hand. Damn it, Eric!

The Brady twins continue to talk about the possibility that EJ is alive. Jennifer arrives (with NO donuts!) and says they're stabilizing Marlena. Kayla and Valerie (minus her sleeves) are trying to get the job done while Steve, John, and Abe are still inappropriately watching over a procedure that ain't for them. Steve tells John that Claire is safe. John nods, but doesn't seem too terribly concerned about his Claire Bear because his Doc is in peril . . . as we LOVE her to be. 

Eve and Brady are trying to explain this foolishness to Rafe and Hope ,who are not surprised that Sami is in the middle of chaos - neither are we . . . which is why we LOVE her. 

Susan is explaining to a very relieved Will and a very distressed Sonny that Kristen locked her away in the restaurant freezer! Will wasn't there, so he doesn't know that Kristen took her place. Susan is FRUSTRATED! The switch happened when Susan was trying to center the centerpieces. When she saw Marbie, Susan got distracted and in walked Kristen!  

Let me just take a break again to say, STACY TO THE HAIDUK IS DOING THE DAMN THING. 

Back to it . . . Kristen stabbed Marbie! Susan thinks it was practice for Dr. Marlena Evans! Susan begs Will not to leave her, but Sonny will stay and annoy Susan with how happy he is that Will's memory have returned.  

Back at the hospital, Eric is trying to get Sami to seek treatment. Sami is trying to explain that she didn't mean to hurt Marlena. It was all Kristen's fault. Oh Lawd, here comes a very pissed off Belle!  

At the Salem PD, Hope is finding out the latest, while Eve tries to comfort Brady, while he tries to tell Eve that Kristen has a good side. Eve thinks Brady should call Jeannie Theresa, since Kristen was responsible for Tater Tot being born in Europe to begin with!  

Sonny has returned Susan to the Kiriakis mansion, where she is sipping some tea and trying to talk to Sonny about what happened. Sonny very clearly wants to go nag Will about their RELATIONSHIP and what he is going to do about Paul. Susan nixes that plan because she doesn't feel safe. Susan says Sonny doesn't need to worry about Will because he has "one gorgeous hunk a hunk a burning love" to take care of him. That shuts him down . . . for now. 

Paul finds Will as Shawn D takes Claire Bear home.  But wait, we're back to Belle at the hospital who is going IN on Sami. Belle correctly states that all Sami cares about is Sami and slaps the TASTE out of her mouth. Sami tries to come at Belle, but Eric tells her to take a walk. Side note: I don't really mind Belle smacking Sami as she never really got revenge for Sami selling her on the black market as a baby. However, I would have liked it better if Claire Bear were there to defend her Aunt Sami against her mean, mean, mean mama! 

Brady answers the phone thinking it's Eve, but no, it's Kristen!

Susan is back telling Sonny that she is happy Will has Paul and she's sorry she made him stay in that closet. She has nothing against HOMOsexuals, and she is glad that he has finally released his inner rainbow. Side note: It's very difficult to type and giggle like this at the same time. While all this amazingness is happening, Sonny just looks like Eeyore.  

Will and Paul are telling each other what they know when he reveals to him that it wasn't Kristen who shot Marlena, it was Sami!  It wasn't really, Will, it was really Uncle Eric's fault. Back at the hospital, Sami hugs a reluctant Rafe because finally she has a friend . . . except Rafe tells her he has to take her to the station. Just then, Marlena goes into V-fib, and all the alarms start going off, and folks look very concerned.

That's it! Another day of DAYS in the books! What did you think? Sound off in the comments!