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Perkie's Observations: Ava Uses the Blanket to Cover Her Butt on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Drew wants to know about the hard drive, but Margaux says it's about an upcoming trial. He thinks she's lying and it's the drive with his memories. He threatens to take it to Jordan. Margaux offers to show him what's on the drive, which turns out to be family photos of her.

Margaux questions if he wanted to go to her room only to search it. Drew apologizes and says others have gotten into his head. Margaux accepts his apology and the two share a kiss before he leaves. Once he's gone, she pulls the real hard drive from her safe.

Mike is freaked out by all of the commotion. Once the alarm is turned off, Carly takes him into the kitchen to calm him down. Sonny worries that he can't keep his father safe. Jason feels they need to make adjustments around the compound.

Griffin confronts Ava about the blanket. At first, she throws Julian under the bus, but Griffin points out Julian wasn't at the baby shower. He accuses Ava of having a vendetta against Carly, which helped her get sent to Ferncliff. (Sorry Griffin, but Carly pleading insanity to get a cushier mental hospital is what sent her to Ferncliff.)

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Ava admits she had the blanket. She says she held onto it because Nelle was blackmailing her about Griffin's DNA report. She says she made a choice between him and Carly, and chose him. Ava says she returned the blanket so Carly would be vindicated.

Ava wonders what Griffin plans on doing with this information. He says he knows Sonny would hurt her and doesn't want that. Griffin claims Ava has never changed and used him.

Kristina's not in a hurry to get back to her life with Parker. Sam accuses her of running away and tells her she should come home for good. Kristina claims she and Parker love each other and she doesn't want to live by Alexis' rules. Sam tells Kristina to lead the life she wants and to follow her heart. Kristina worries if she heads back, Parker will convince her to stay. Sam offers to go with her (I guess Monica's on babysitting duty again.)

Curtis, Jordan and Stella meet with Dr. Massey (Chandra Wilson of Grey's Anatomy fame) for family counseling. The session dissolves into a screaming match between Jordan and Stella. Stella blames Jordan for killing Thomas. Jordan counters that Stella is so involved with the Ashford men she doesn't have a life of her own. In the end, nothing gets resolved. Stella doesn't want to return for another session, but Curtis talks her into it.

Mike apologizes to Jason for scaring everyone and worries he's becoming a burden to Sonny.

Carly tells Sonny that he needs to discuss things with Mike before it's too late.