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Days of Our Lives Mini Recap: Sami Gets Arrested, Eve Gets Tied Up, and Eric Gets Delusional

Stacy Haiduk, Kassie DePaiva

Stacy Haiduk, Kassie DePaiva

A brief recap for Tuesday's episode begins with Brady at the police station calling Eve, but getting Kristen! He gets all shouty with Kristen, and she calmly tells him to lower his voice. He more quietly demands to know what she has done with Eve. The camera pans over to show Eve all tied up with Kristen at Club TBD . . . I mean, Doug's Place. 

Paul and Will continue to talk about what happened at the wedding . . . after he fled the outdoor wedding to get some air . . . or some such excuse he used because his memories were all coming back to him right then. Paul tells Will that his Grandma Marlena was shot, not by Kristen, but by Sami. What Sami? What gun? Will is very confused.  

At the hospital, Jennifer is comforting Eric, while Valerie is tending to Marlena's wounds. Eric asks Jennifer how it’s possible that Sami shot his mother. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. Is Eric delusional? Am I watching a different show? Didn't we all see Eric grab Sami's arm while she was holding the gun?  

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At the police station, Rafe has taken Sami into custody. Rafe is also buying into the delusion, as he is reminding Sami that she shot Marlena in front of multiple witnesses. To clarify, I'm not saying that drugged up Samantha Gene wasn't waving around a gun, and I'm not saying she wasn't going to shoot at John so she could find out where EJ is, I'm just saying that to my recollection, BEFORE SHE SHOT THE GUN, "Father Dufus" grabbed her arm. That's all I'm saying . . .

At the hospital, long monotone beeps are coming out of Marlena's hospital machines - never a good sign. Valerie and Kayla are starting CPR and they ask John and Steve to back up. I really wish they would ask them to LEAVE THE ROOM!  

That's it for this mini recap! Sound off in the comments about this episode and what you think will happen next!