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Perkie's Observations: The Twisted Twins Tango on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Sonny tells Carly and Jason he's made the decision to check out some of the facilities for Mike. Carly clears her schedule to go with him. Jason stays behind and waits for Felix to show up. Meanwhile, Oscar stops by to pick up some photos for a project for Josslyn.

Julian tells Brad he contacted the birth mother and pleaded their case. Brad wants to talk to her, but Julian doesn't like the idea. Brad wants to take the baby and run, but Julian and Lucas talk him out of it.

Lulu runs into Felicia and Maxie. She lets them know The Invader will be running a piece on the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Maxie says she remembers some of it. Felicia wonders why the world in interested now. Lulu says the world is interested in true crime, and The Invader is interested because of Felicia's role.

Along with flashbacks, Felicia recounts the story of being an obsession of Ryan's and how she blocked out seeing him kill his wife. She says she didn't realize the danger he was in, but it didn't destroy her life.

Patient Collins tells Gordon the orderly he doesn't belong locked up. He claims his twin Ryan is impersonating him and that he's dangerous. He asks Gordon to look the other way and let him go, but the orderly refuses. However, he does loosen the straps on the straight jacket.

Curtis meets with Valentin, but isn't happy to be keeping Nina in the dark. Valentin gives him the name of the attorney Madeline used. Curtis makes a couple of calls and finds out the lawyer is in prison, and makes plans to go and talk to him.

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Valentin is there when Nina gets a call that her mother is dead. By the look on Valentin's face, I'm guessing he had a hand in it.

Kim runs into Michael and tells him she heard from Nelle. Nelle asked her to testify that hormones made her do it, but Kim refused. Michael warns her to be careful. Kim mentions a support group to Michael, but he claims it won't help.

After viewing the facilities, Sonny's still not sure that it's the right time. He tells Carly he's getting to know his father and doesn't want to give that up. Carly says she'll support whatever decision he makes.

Diane arrives for the hearing, minus the birth mother.

Kevin stops by to see Patient Collins and we get confirmation that Ryan is the one that's been inside Ferncliff. Kevin's not happy that Ryan is claiming to be him to the orderly. Kevin believes his brother can be redeemed, but Ryan doesn't want to be saved.

Kevin says Ryan hurts people because they were abused, but he can heal. Ryan refuses to cooperate with Kevin since it would mean prison time. Ryan says the only way to truly test him is to release him. Kevin refuses and when he turns his back, Ryan gets out of the restraints and attacks him.

Oscar asks Jason's advice about Josslyn. Jason says Josslyn is like her mother. Just offer advice when she asks for it, but not otherwise. Suddenly, Oscar has a seizure.