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Days of Our Lives Mini Recap: Marlena's Bloody Clothes Have John Black All Up in His Feelings!

Drake Hogestyn

Drake Hogestyn

Sonny is in the Kiriakis living room. He's remembering how he was getting his drank on . . . and then he became overbearing . . . oh wait, that's my memory. Now, Will is looking out the hospital window blinds remembering kissing Paul and how he's a lie and the truth ain't in him. 

Brady knocks on a door at the Salem Inn looking for Eve, but all he finds is the fantabulous Kristen DiMera - as portrayed by Stacy to the damn Haiduk. Kristen declares that it's just the two of them - after a very long time. 

At the Salem PD, Paul is waiting around whilst Sami is griping to Rafe about having to be there to begin with. She is wondering why Rafe couldn't let her stay at the hospital. Her mama Marlena's life hangs in the balance because of the spontaneous actions of her brother Eric - AKA "Father Dufus". Paul and Rafe are trying to be reasonable, whilst Sami is being Sami all over the police station.  

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At the hospital, John is clutching his Doc's bloody clothes for real life. John Black is putting me in my feelings, all covered in blood, finding that ring, and breaking into an ugly cry. In walks Belle to comfort her daddy and take a break from busting Sami's chops.  

Sami is in the interrogation room. In walks "Nighttime Hope". She's all ready to have a confrontation about Rafe Hernandez and his member that should have been cut off by Stefano DiMera's goons back in the day . . . but that's another story for another time. 

Another mini recap is in the books. What did y'all think? How has this second week of DAYS 'big wedding event being held up? This blogger continues to love what he is seeing. Tell me what you are thinking by sounding off in the comments below!