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Days of Our Lives Mini Recap: Hope Is Mad, Sonny is Annoying, and Kristen Clouds Brady's Head With Sultry Seduction

Eric Martsolf

Eric Martsolf

We begin at the hospital as Eric is greeted by Doug and Julie, fresh off the boat from their 402nd cruise. Side note: Every time Doug and Julie come back from a cruise, all I can think about is the A. MAZ. ING. "Cruise of Deception" storyline . . . if you haven't seen it, go immediately and find it online. You must watch it. It's a moral imperative. Sorry, my ADD kicked in and I saw a shiny squirrel. Back to it, Eric is filling them in on Marlena's condition, while Doug holds some kind of something in a box - maybe sandwiches from the buffet on the Lido deck from their most recent cruise.

Over at the police station, Rafe is being so boring that he can sense Hope skulking behind him. He will soon know that she is behind him because Hope begins whining about Samantha Gene . . . in the interrogation room . . . with the snarky mouth, who blamed Hope for everything from her bad hair days and her faulty cable! She even tried to blame Hope for her sleeping with Rafe . . . which wasn't exactly Hope's fault, but THEY. WERE. ON. A. BREAK! Hope is mad. Rafe thinks it's funny. Side Note: I feel a bit about Rafe and Hope the way I felt about Ryan and Greenlee on All My Children. The powers that be in multiple regimes tried to force us to believe that couple had chemistry and destiny. None of the viewers bought it then, and none of us buy it now. Jordan Ridgeway cannot return soon enough to be Rafe's "Calgon" and take him away from this mess of a relationship.  

In another area of Salem, Paul suspects Will is hiding something from him, and just wants to know what's on his mind. I don't know this to be true, but I suspect young William is about to distract Paul with some of his good good. In a wealthier area of town, Sonny is thinking about Will and plotting more ways he can be overbearing and annoying, but just then, a screaming, crazy woman runs down the stairs. It's Susan all freaked out because she had a nightmare! Sonny tries to calm Susan down by telling her that her nightmare is over. Susan assures her that her nightmares always mean something, and this one is about that MEAN, MEAN, MEAN, Kristen DiMera. 

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Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Kristen is all spread out on the bed while she talks to Brady. There really is some clever dialogue happening, but I am so caught up in the chemistry between Stacy Haiduk and Eric Martsolf. THEY. ARE. GOLD. I'm not really paying attention. Something about Kristin giving the order to kill Eve. I love Eve and I should really care more, but I'm caught up in Kristen being seductive and Brady looking confused. 

Wait? That's it? Another mini recap is complete. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, which means a full frontal recap is on the horizon.  

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