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Days of Our Lives Recap: John Reunites with Marlena while Kristen Wreaks Havoc at the Salem Inn

Stacy Haiduk, Alison Sweeney, Christopher Sean, Eric Martsolf, Kassie DePaiva

Stacy Haiduk, Alison Sweeney, Christopher Sean, Eric Martsolf, Kassie DePaiva

John/Steve/Kayla/Marlena: We open at the hospital with John fretting about Doc and pouring hot coffee all over himself. He offers a desperate plea that she return to him. It's really gut-wrenching. I totally get why he still has the bloody button down on. It's the only way he can stay close to his Doc. Drake Hogestyn is doing WORK this week. 

Cyclops, er, um, Steve comes into the room to comfort John. This scene is one of those moments that I love on soaps. I love this level of familiarity between these two. Steve is trying to reassure John that Kayla and Valerie will come through for Marlena, and the two of them will be together again. Side note: The music in this scene is really good. It's slowly increasing in volume and intensity as the dialogue gets more dramatic, while also not being distracting. Oh yeah, I love or love to hate soap music.   

Just as Steve was going to go check on Marlena, Kayla walks in to give them an update. Marlena made it out of the surgery and is stable, but that's not the whole story. The bullet shattered, and one of the little pieces is lodged next to her heart - so a little part of Kristen may always be with her. John just wants to see his Doc. He asks Steve to go spread the word. 

This episode couldn't end without John at Marlena's bedside. I don't have words. It's that good. 

Will/Sonny/Arianna Grace: At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny seems quite disappointed that Will came to see his daughter and not him. Sonny grants Will permission to go see Arianna Grace (really?). He quickly c-blocks him with questions of "What does last night mean for our relationship?" Wait, what's that smell? Oh yeah, it's desperation. It's not a pretty fragrance. 

Will tries to explain to Sonny, AGAIN, he needs some time to process everything and tell Paul. Sonny is like, yeah, yeah, but "ME! ME ME!" Seriously, none of this is about Will. It's all about Sonny. Will is being really nice, but I wish he would just say, "Bitch, back off and let me breathe . . . damn!" - but maybe that's just me.  

It was almost worth listening to Sonny's nonsense to see the look on Will's face when Arianna Grace called him "Daddy" and, for the first time since his return, he remembered her. The memories and conversation that follow are just rich, soapy, goodness. When Will says, "I didn't think it was possible that I could love you more than I did yesterday", I was done. It's so good. Chandler Massey is also doing WORK. 

Will and Sonny tuck Arianna Grace into bed. Something about the tucking made Will feel the need to give Sonny an answer to his unending questions. Will explains he is all up in his feelings. Just when he's going to tell Sonny one of the things he is dealing with is his love for him, Sonny steals his thunder and says it for him. Sonny needs to take several seats . . . a stadium of seats.  

Will gets Sonny to shut his mouth by admitting his love for Sonny runs bone deep . . . ummm anyway, Will loves Paul. He really does, but he wants to be with Sonny. Side note: I think I'm supposed to be happy with this situation, but I'm just annoyed. I usually side with these writers, but not this time. Oy . . . Will goes on to say he's going to have to break Paul's heart. I'm done. I land on #TeamPaul.

Hope/Rafe/Doug/Julie: At the police station, Hope, dripping with disdain, calls to Sami as she enters the interrogation room. What she finds is the aftermath of an always Category Five Hurricane Sami - Rafael Hernandez knocked out on the floor with no sign of Samantha Gene.

Hope brings Rafe an ice pack for his head, while he explains to her how Sami outsmarted him - my head is exploding with all the ways I could go with a snarky comment. Hope, in all of her Commissioner glory, issues an APB for one Samantha Gene Brady.  

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As Rafe and Hope go on about why Sami is being all, Sami and Kristen, who is being all Kristen, and Doug and Julie appear! They need to report a crime. Hope seems surprised that Kristen put Eve in the freezer. Are you new? Julie continues by saying that Eve took off to find Brady. Rafe figures out that everybody will end up at the Salem Inn. Hope uses all of her insight to deduce, "this is not going to end well."  

Paul/Sami/Eve: At the Salem Inn, Paul cautiously enters a room only to find Sami there. But how? Why? Someone clue Paul in, as he doesn't have a lifetime of experience with the likes of Sami. I mean, Tori Narita was a bit of a schemer, but she's minor league in comparison to Hall of Famer Samantha Gene Brady. She explains to Paul that she simply convinced Rafe to let her out of jail. Then, she came to the Salem Inn to look for Brady . . . she's following Kristen's scent. They are both worried that Brady is being held against his will.

Paul and Sami find Brady's boutonniere in the hotel room and now she is more convinced that Kristen has Brady. Paul is still trying to use logic with Sami . . . someone, anyone, please clue him in! Here comes Eve, who joins the dynamic duo in their efforts to find Brady. It takes Paul 2.3 seconds to track Brady's phone to somewhere on the premises. Eve takes off and Sami tries to follow, but Paul grabs her and tells her she is staying put. When I tell you I laughed OUT LOUD at the look Sami gave Paul . . . Woooo!  That was some good stuff. 

Paul tells Sami that he'll look for Eve and find Brady. She needs to go back to the station and turn herself in. Say other funny things, Paul. She explains to Paul she loves EJ like he says he loves Will. Sami begs Paul to not ask her to give up on the dream of finding him alive. She needs to be the one to find and confront Kristen. 

Kristen/Brady/Eve/Sami/Paul/Doug/Julie: Kristen has taken Brady to John's room at the Salem Inn so they can "make love." Brady is very resistant. I can't imagine why. Who wouldn't want to be blackmailed into having sex with your unstable ex on the bed that is all made up for your dad and step monster's wedding night? All that being said, it takes Brady a little less than a hot minute to show signs of being responsive.

At Doug's Place, Julie and Doug bring Eve into the main room to try and defrost her. Julie seems exasperated until Eve reveals it was Kristen who put her in there. You can almost see Julie's ears grow as fresh gossip awaits. Just then, now fully defrosted, Eve decides she must go find Brady cuz time is a-wasting.  

Meanwhile, Brady only has about 10% left in his resistance tank as anger and lust are taking overtaking him. Kristen knows it's been a long day, but she's got just the good-good to take Brady's mind off everything. It appears that good-good made a lasting impression as Brady looks like he would have trouble remembering his mama right now, (awwww, Isabella, I miss you) much less Eve. Kristen is wild-eyed as she explains to Brady she needs to trust him and being with her will prove that trust. Side note: Thank you, writers! I wasn't buying Kristen being the person who would blackmail someone into sex, but I do buy Kristen wanting to trust Brady. Brady looks genuinely pained. He gives in to what he has to do to save Eve, mixed with the part of him that still desires Kristen. Eric Martsolf and Stacy Haiduk are doing WORK here. It bears repeating. WORK. 

Kristen is ravaging Brady and telling him he doesn't love any of those other women, "especially that bitch Eve." The mention of Eve seems to shake Brady from his Kristen haze. He takes charge and declares this nonsense over. Just then, Eve walks in and wonders just what the hell is going on here.  

Brady quickly tries to explain, while pulling on his clothes, that Kristen said she would kill Eve if he didn't get all nekkid with her. Eve seems like she could maybe buy what Brady is selling because Kristen locked her in a freezer! Just as they took their eyes off Kristen for a minute (why do folks do that?), they look up to see that Kristen has her gun pointed at them. Kristen is hurt and disappointed - which is when she is here most dangerous. Brady has never been the sharpest tool, but he should know better than anyone that confronting Kristen with the truth, in this situation, is not the wisest move.  

Kristen says her life has been "meaningless" since the day she lost Brady (really?). Brady reminds Kristen she lost him for good once it was revealed that she raped his brother Eric. Kristen said she was sorry. Why can't we all just move on? Brady goes on to explain that Kristen's actions sent him down alcohol road and Eve saved him. That's why he loves her. Kristen wants to know when Eve Donovan became a force for good in the world? (I may have just giggled aloud).  

Just as Kristen is about to shoot one of them, Sami barges in and wants the "crazy bitch" to tell her what happened to EJ. Sami goes on and on until Kristen reminds her she is holding a gun on Brady. Sami gets this grin on her face because she knows she's not going to shoot Brady. She wuvs him. Kristen agrees, but says she'll shoot Eve instead. Samantha Gene Brady is not here for this foolishness and demands Kristen deal with her. Is EJ alive? Yes. He. Is. But, it doesn't matter because Kristen is going to take Sami out before she shoots Brady and Eve, and all y'all other fools who get in her way. 

Of course, Sami's response is to taunt Kristen by reminding her that Brady will never love her and she will be alone her entire miserable life. Wait, I see Paul lurking in the background. I'm wondering if he's going to use his budding super spy skills here. There goes Paul, grabbing the gun from Kristen and pushing Sami out of the way. Suddenly, they both fall towards the window and crash through it! It's apparently very windy in Salem. Wait, what floor are they on? Paul had better not die. Remember, I'm #TeamPaul. I'm not worried about Kristen, as she clearly knows how to fall from a window.  

Another week in Salem as come to a close. What did you think? Sound off in the comments!