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Jacob Young Keeps It Real About His Recurring Status and More on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacob Young

Jacob Young

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young has some things he wants to get off of his chest. The veteran actor has been very vocal about his lack of airtime, even though it was announced by Young himself he would be moving to recurring status in April. He says it was a decision of his own in order to branch out of daytime.

Recently, Young has been speaking out on Twitter about his character Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr's noticeable absence on the show. One example is when his baby sister Hope (Annika Noelle) got hitched to Liam (Scott Clifton). In an interview with TV Source, Young fills us in on some blanks surrounding his status on the show,

The last time The Bold and the Beautiful fans saw Rick on-screen was May 29, 2018. What exactly is your current status on B&B? Last we heard, you were recurring, but we still expected to see you more than we have.

Yeah, it’s a little tricky because they felt that the story with Maya [Karla Mosely] and Rick had sort of run its course. I disagreed with that full heartedly because I knew that there was a lot of different angles we could play and awareness that we could bring to this storyline. I’m going to try and rationalize it for them and then rationalize it for myself. We’ll break this into two pieces. For them, they have so many people that they have under contract and we have about fifteen minutes truly of air time. When they decide to shift gears, they are not really good at telling multiple stories like AMC, OLTL, GH or these one-hour soaps that we know so well. The writing team over there, they’re limited to two or three stories tops as you know and there were a couple of things coming up.

Number one, my contract was coming up. Number two, Karla Mosley was just getting ready to take maternity leave, and she’s basically the anchor with Rick as far as a couple. Honestly, they felt that it was going in a different direction. At the same time, I was having a sigh of relief because I’ve been contemplating, as you were saying as TV Source has had to adjust to the ever-changing climate of daytime, so do the actors. It was becoming that time where, I’m not quite 40 so I’m still young enough to do the things that I want to do, but it’s now or never. So, it was time for me to take this as an opportunity to branch out and do some of the things I wanted to do. We’ve done a lot so far within the last year

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Fans have been wondering what in the world happened to Rick and Maya (Karla Mosley). The two participated in a ground breaking storyline of Maya revealing she is a transgender woman. This garnered the show critical acclaim and ratings gold. Why were they back burnered with a dropped storyline? 

I was just wanting an understanding of why the writers would see a story like Rick and Maya’s and assume it had a shelf life. Because it doesn’t in my eyes.

First of all, the writers said, ‘It’s run its course and we don’t really know where to go with the story.’ I even wrote a story for Brad [Bell; EP of B&B] that would work. He said it would never work, and then used it for the new cast members that just came on – the younger cast. So, he took my storyline that I wrote for them. I guess he liked it that much. Again, the writers say one thing, but I say financial. Because they didn’t want to pay two guys the salary rate that I was paid at. So, Ingo [Rademacher; Thorne] got to come in and do his thing, so I guess as time will tell. I’m not in any way looking to go that direction anyway. Like I said, if they really do need me for a few episodes here and there, I’m all there. But I’m not interested in going under a contractual situation again.

Young also revealed he went so far as to pitch a storyline to keep his character onscreen. This is actually being used, but with someone else,

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched a full week in B&B in quite some time because it’s so redundant. So, I’m not entirely sure what storyline your referencing. Do you mind explaining that? Was it the one with Thorne?

Yeah, and the interns and all that. I had basically written that, but it was Rick being involved. They’ve augmented it a bit. It’s not exactly the same, but that storyline was meant to involve my character. I wrote a whole synopsis on it, he asked me to. And he really liked it but said CBS was going to give us hell if we tell this story. And he goes, ‘But I wish sometimes I was my father and could say to hell with them and do it anyway.’ So, I said, ‘Then let’s do it. Let’s do it anyway.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, let me think on it.’ And it just never came about for me. Which is great because it’s allowed me to shoot three films since I’ve been off the show, two of which will be on the Lifetime Network in early 2019. The third will be going into independent festivals, and the last I heard the guy who scored Iron Man 2 is going to be scoring it. It’s supposed to be a really cool edgy film with Ricky Garcia from the Disney Channel. It’s just a really great cast. It’s an interesting film. It’s like Training Day meets The Crow. Really Dark.