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Perkie's Observations: Oscar May Run Into 6 Feet of Trouble on General Hospital

Garren Stitt, Tamara Braun

Garren Stitt, Tamara Braun

Oscar is taken to the hospital. Jason tells Kim he had a seizure and collapsed. Kim's looking for Terry. The emergency doctor tells Kim he wants to run some tests, but Kim wants to wait until she hears back from Terry. Liz wonders about that since Terry is a pediatric oncologist.

Ryan attacks Kevin and knocks him out. Then, he switches places with Kevin and puts him in the straightjacket.

The judge arrives for the custody hearing. Diane says the birth mother has changed her mind and has withdrawn her petition. Diane says she has relinquished her parental rights and has surrendered the birth certificate.

The judge signs the papers declaring Brad and Lucas the lawful parents. Brucas rejoice while Alexis wonders why the birth mother changed her mind.

Julian meets with Drew. He asks if he has any sway in convincing Oscar to accept Julian in Kim's life. He feels Oscar wants his parents back together, but Drew says he has no memory of his time with Kim. Drew says he and Kim are simply co-parents and Kim is happy with Julian.

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Joss is in the park waiting for Oscar so they can celebrate their anniversary. Cam's with her and spends most of his time bad mouthing Oscar. Cam pushes the issue. He questions why Oscar hasn't show up and wonders if it means less to him. Joss blames herself if Oscar doesn't show up because she's a screw up. Cam decides there's nothing wrong with Joss and kisses her.

Oscar wakes up in the hospital. He's confused as to what happened. He thanks Jason for getting him help.

Ryan, dressed and pretending to be Kevin, warns Gordon the patient is criminally insane and dangerous. He says the patient needs to be sedated and should never be allowed out. Ryan heads to the hospital.

When Kevin comes to, he tries to convince Gordon of what happened, but Gordon doesn't believe him. Gordon gives him a shot to sedate him.

Julian comes across Brucas. He finds out what happened and is happy to hear that the baby is theirs. Brad secretly thanks him for whatever he did to change the birth mother's mind. Alexis wonders why Julian wasn't surprised to hear the news.

Jason finds Drew and tells him that Oscar is in the ER.

Liz questions Kim about Oscar's medical history. Kim says these episodes happened when he was a boy and she knew they would come back. Liz feels she should tell Drew, but Kim doesn't know how to tell him that Oscar is dying.