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Days of Our Lives Mini Recap: Abigail Is Lonely, Chad Is Dead Inside, and Doc Awakens!

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

We open today's mini recap with folks I don't recognize. Oh wait, that's Abigail talking to Jennifer on the phone. She's checking in on Marlena's condition. Abigail gives John and Eric her love. What? She's not going to send good tidings of great joy to Samantha Gene? Apparently, Abigail has decided it's best to stay in her lane. 

Afterwards, she and JJ talk about how horrible all of this business is. They think it's good that their mama is going to stay with Eric so she can "comfort" him. I would snicker at this comment, but they good and damn well know that sober Jennifer's comfort is all about popcorn and a rom-com. I'll bet Eric occasionally wishes for a little snippet of Jennifer's less than sober days. I kid . . . I kid . . . sort of. Abigail is going on about how lonely she is without Chad.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi is buying Arianna Grace's love by doing her homework. Meanwhile, Chad is recounting Kristen's reign of terror. He ends by CALMLY saying she and Paul fell out the window . . . C'mon, Chad! Kristen is your adopted blood who just came back from the "dead".  Aren't you at least surprised? Concerned? Anything . . . Bueller?  Bueller? (Some of y'all will get that reference!)

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Over at the scene of the fall, Eli and Lani are on the case. Lani states the obvious that Paul is a good guy who wouldn't have gotten hurt if he hadn't been protecting Sami (#TeamPaul). Kristen is apparently, no where to be found. SHOCKING!  Where could she be?  

At the DiMera mansion, someone is pounding on the door. It's Kristen! She is met at the door by a very confused Stefan. Oh yeah, these two don't know each other. Stefan knows that Kristen is his sister, but still doesn't get why she is at the door. She needs him to hide her and faints in his arms. 

Over at the hospital, Brady and Valerie are discussing Paul's condition. Brady just "broke the news to Will", who is apparently not at betrayal mansion. He's still somewhere with Sonny basking in the glow of their memories and such. Brady is also concerned about his daddy, who has been through so much.  

Elsewhere in the hospital, John is hanging at Doc's bedside when she finally awakens! Doc doesn't remember what happened. John explains to her that she gave everyone a scare, but everything is okay now. When I tell you that Drake Hogestyn is doing WORK. I am not lying. WORK, I tell you.  

That ends another mini recap of Days of Our Lives. What did you all think of Wednesday's episode? Sound off in the comments!