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Perkie's Observations: Peter Has a Special Visitor on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Wes Ramsey

Finola Hughes, Wes Ramsey

Liz realizes what Kim is not saying and asks what kind of cancer Oscar has. Kim is not ready to talk yet and runs off. Drew arrives and Liz tells him to talk to Kim.

Chase updates Peter on Anna's recovery from the kidnappers. Peter claims he has no interest in his mother because she's no part of his life. Chase warns him that his freedom is in jeopardy if he tries to kill Anna again. Peter says he has no intentions.

Anna and Finn are at home discussing Peter and whether he'll ever forgive her. Anna plans on doing whatever she can to have a relationship with Peter, but Finn worries she'll get her heart broken.

Joss stops the kiss, demanding to know what Cam was thinking. She says he's jeopardizing their friendship. Cam says he knows her better than Oscar does.

Kristina and Sam are back from Oregon. They're meeting with Sonny and Alexis. Kristina explains that things went sour with Parker and that she needed her own life. She says they've broken up and she's home for good.

Kris says she's starting over, but hopes to get her old job back at Perks. Sonny says he has a new manager and can't fire her, but offers Kris a spot as a barista. Alexis thinks Kris can work as a paralegal. Sam speaks for Kris and tells her mother to back off.

Alexis mentions Kris moving back home, but Kristina has decided to move in with Sam and the kids.

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Drew checks in on Oscar, who claims he's only suffering from low blood sugar. He calls Joss on Drew's phone to let her know where he is.

Liz tries again to talk to Kim. She feels Drew needs to know the truth. Kim feels it would color the time that Drew and Oscar spend together.

Joss and Cam get to the hospital. Liz is not happy that Cam broke curfew. He says however, he was just being a friend to Joss.

Chase stops by to check in on Finn and update him on the case. They have no whereabouts on Cassandra. He promises Peter won't be an issue for Anna.

Anna pays Peter a visit. She says she's grateful he's landed on his feet and is staying in town. Peter admits Valentin helped him buy The Invader. Anna warns him not to trust Valentin and to stay away from him. Peter tells Anna to stay out of his life. Anna says she'll never stop caring about him or let him down again.

Drew wonders why Kim didn't call to tell him Oscar was in the hospital. Kim's not happy with his pushiness. She says it's happened before and has it under control. Drew demands to know what's wrong with their son.

Kim says Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor and nothing can be done for him. She says she's consulted with everyone and has no idea how long Oscar has. Kim admits she hasn't told Oscar the truth. Drew feels Oscar should know, but Kim just wants him to be a kid for as long as possible.

Oscar shows Joss the video he made for their anniversary.

Kim asks Drew to keep quiet until it's necessary. He agrees.