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Perkie's Observations: Ava Makes Kiki's Status Clear on General Hospital

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Hayley Erin, Maura West

Hayley Erin, Maura West

Kristina stops by to visit with Mike. Carly offers her a job at the Metro Court, but Kris turns her down. Stella invites Mike out for breakfast, so Sonny and Carly can update the alarm system.

Ava shares that Griffin knows about the blanket, but he won't tell Sonny if she keeps her nose clean. Julian jokingly tells her to get rid of Griffin. Ava's all for it. Then, he points out that if something were to happen to Griffin, all fingers would point to her.

Kiki and Griffin run into each other while jogging. She tells him that David was fired. He tells her he's looking for someplace else to live since the hotel is expensive. (Sure, because a neurosurgeon wouldn't have a boatload of money saved up and need a cheaper place to stay five minutes after being suspended). Kiki mentions an apartment opening up near her, but he doesn't think it's a good idea. However, they agree to maintain their friendship.

Nina holds a memorial service for Madeline. Only she and Maxie show up. Maxie tells her about her own rocky history with Felicia. Nina says her mother never loved her and tried to kill her for the inheritance.

Curtis calls Valentin to update him on his search for Nina's baby. He's waiting to get to Rikers Island so he can talk to Madeline's former lawyer. Jordan shows up and the two discuss their issues with Stella. Jordan wants to find Stella's old flame so she can redirect her attention there. Jordan calls Rikers Island to see if Curtis can visit the lawyer. She's told he's been given a compassionate release so he can die at home.

Anna runs into Valentin and is not happy that he purchased The Invader for Peter. She warns him to stay away. Valentin agrees not to seek out Peter, but says he won't turn him away either.

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Anna brings up Cassandra. She explains that whoever grabbed her wanted her alive. The two agree to let the other know if they hear anything about the case.

Maxie heads out to make a call, just as a vagrant walks in to the church. Nina talks to her mother's coffin. The vagrant turns out to be Liesl in disguise. She has come to pay her respects to her sister. Nina warns her she can't go after Peter again. Liesl claims she has no plans to do so.

Nina mentions her mother died of a heart attack. Liesl doesn't believe it. There was no history of heart disease and Madeline was in great shape.

Griffin and Anna catch up. Griffin explains he was suspended and tells her why. He swears he would have told Anna had he known Peter was her son. He mentions needing a new place to stay. She offers to let him live with her, but he has other plans.

Stella complains to Mike about her situation again. He tells her to apologize to Jordan and Curtis. He asks how much she's willing to risk to be right.

Kiki and Kristina run into each other. They head over to Charlie's where Kiki runs into her mother. Kiki reminds Ava that Avery's first day of school is coming up tomorrow. She promised her sister she would be there.

Ava says Kiki no longer has a place in Avery's life. She calls Kiki a liar, traitor, and a whore. She adds that Kiki's a bad example for Avery. Kiki says Ava can't keep her from Avery, but Ava warns her not to show up at school.

Sonny tells Carly he's still worried about Mike saying something about the body at Charlie's. He says it will be the one thing that will take him down.