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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bonnie and Sheila Have Lucas By the Precious Cargo

T-Boz, Judi Evans

T-Boz, Judi Evans

Belle's in all of her lawyering glory explaining to Eric that Marlena has an advance directive. It states she doesn't want her life extended by artificial means. Belle goes on to say they need to tell the doctors to shut it off - right now. This could be really good drama based in real life issues. SOAP OPERA!

Over at Doug's Place, Chloe is explaining to Maggie how two people locked in a freezer equals a visit from the health department. Just wait until Julie Williams gets wind of this foolishness. Logical Mags is just happy that Eve and Susan are okay! They're both worried about poor Paul (#TeamPaul) and Marlena - little do they know that Belle is about to pull the plug! Chloe is also concerned about what poor Lucas is going through with that horrible, evil Bonnie over at the Salem PD. I can't wait to see this drama unfold. From this writer's perspective, Bonnie is kind of EVERYTHING!

At the Salem PD, Bonnie is trying to appeal to Lucas' higher power. She wants him to get her out of this crazy mess she finds herself in . . . through no fault of her own . . . yet again. Why would Lucas help Bonnie you ask? Because he's the father of her child. WHAT?? 

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Back at the hospital, a barely conscious Paul is reacting to the news that his beau has regained him memories. What does that mean for Horita? Little does he know that needy Sonny has already used the history of WilSon to usurp Horita's status as the "it" couple in Salem. Damn you, Sonny! Will is trying to avoid the subject, but Paul is being persistent. He's having flashbacks of his reunification with Sonny. Side note: I could live without some of these extended flashbacks . . . especially this one.

This episode ends with a few key scenes. First, Lucas and Bonnie in all of their glory. Bonnie is sick of Lucas knocking their "love makin'". Lucas wants Bonnie to put her money where her mouth is . . . or was. As he is walking out, in walks Sheila with a little bundle of precious cargo!  Oh, how I've missed Sheila!

Next, Will is explaining to Sonny that Paul may never walk again. Sonny repeatedly asks if Paul is going to be okay. My cynical heart suspects that Sonny is more worried about changing his Facebook relationship status from "single" to "it's complicated" to "I'm Married Again, Bitches!" But maybe that's just me . . . 

We conclude today's episode with a very dramatic scene between Belle and Eric, who are discussing Marlena's potential unplugging. Not surprisingly, Eric is the voice of reason. He tells Belle to talk to John before approaching Kayla. He is being very sweet, caring, and understanding with Belle, who is really only doing what Marlena says she wants. At the very end, John walks up wanting to know what they need to tell him. Ending note: The music in this scene was soapy perfection.

What did you think of Monday's episode? What other events and interactions piqued your interest? Sound off in the comments below!