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Days of Our Lives Recap: John Doesn't Understand Why Belle "Wants to Kill" Marlena!

Martha Madison, Greg Vaughan, Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

Martha Madison, Greg Vaughan, Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall

We open today's episode with Brady telling Eve the news about Paul's paralysis. He goes on to explain this news is even worse for Paul, considering Will has his memory back and wants to head on back into WilSon glory. Brady's words describe it best, "The guy just found out he's gonna spend his life in a chair, and these two jerks are gonna break his frickin heart." It always shakes me to my core when Brady is the voice of reason. 

Will doesn't understand why Paul's paralysis is the end of WilSon. I see that Will regaining his memory has also allowed him to remember how self-centered he was prior to his untimely, almost, demise (y'all remember that, right?). Sonny's trying to get Will to realize he can't leave Paul at a time like this, and wouldn't want him to. After the past two years, Sonny being the voice of reason also shakes me to my core.

Later on in the park, Brady and Will scream at each other. Then, WilSon let Brady in on the plan to keep Horita together. Did anyone else notice that suddenly Will "cares" for Paul when he "loved" Paul just two days ago? Where did that love go? I'm still not buying what's being sold to me here.

Over at Doug's Place, Lucas is trying to give Chloe the lowdown on Bonnie and Bonnie, Jr . . . or as Lucas called her, "Baby Bonnie". Chloe ain't buying what Bonnie's selling, but Lucas isn't so sure. Chloe states what I think some folks were thinking, "Isn't Bonnie a little old to be having a baby?" Lucas thinks maybe she's on the cusp, and Chloe says, "Yeah, on the cusp of lying her ass off." This dialogue's good today. 

At the hospital, Jennifer Rose has decided with Marlena being on the stairs to the upper room and Paul being paralyzed from his crash with Kristen, now's the perfect time to tell Eric about Nicole. Really, Jenny? Really? Then, she decides maybe it isn't the right time and sends Eric off to see his momma. Of course, Eve's right there to confront her. She keeps trying to convince Jennifer Rose that Eric will leave her if he knows about Nicole. Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Eve!

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In Marlena's room, Roman and John stand over a ventilating Marlena. They discuss Steve's status and Paul's condition. They move on to discussing Marlena and how little hope there is for her situation. Roman doesn't understand. John proceeds to throw Belle ALL THE WAY UNDER THE BUS by explaining to Roman that because of Belle, Marlena's about to go on to glory. John goes OFF on Roman and Roman back peddles very quickly. He's on John's side here. Oh Lord, John just said he understood Kristen trying to kill Marlena, but not her own daughter. If she takes the living will to the hospital and Marlena dies, John will never forgive Belle. Damn!  

Meanwhile, Belle's handing over her mother's living will to Kayla. She explains it was a mistake for Marlena to be on the ventilator, and it needs to be corrected here and now. Belle breaks down into tears. She explains to Kayla the living will is her fault because she was the one who pushed her into it because she was being all lawyerly and mature. Belle shakes it off because it's not about her. It's about Marlena's wishes. Kayla informs Belle of what she already knows. Kayla has to turn the letter over to the board, and when that happens, Marlena will die. Kayla, fresh off her illegal activities, gives Belle the option of ditching the letter. Belle decides it's the right thing to give the living will to the board. Wait 'til her daddy finds out  . . . This scene was really necessary as doctor Kayla and lawyer Belle understand the ins and outs of living wills . . . but also because Kayla's close to Marlena (even though she stole Kate's records from her office) and has known Belle all her life. There was just a lovely balance in this scene.  

Back in the hospital room, John's thinking Eric will be on his side about all of this living will nonsense. Eric surprises him by saying Marlena clearly trusted Belle to carry out her wishes - not him, not Sami, not even John. John looks like he might backslap Eric just as the prodigal daughter returns.  

Back in her office, Kayla calls, who I assume is the Chair of the Board of Directors, to let them know about the living will. She goes on to say that she will begin the process of taking Marlena off the machines.

Back in Marlena's room, Belle tells Eric she did turn in the living will to Kayla, and she's notifying the hospital staff. OMG. John just told Belle she was choosing to "KILL HER OWN MOTHER". (I may have just gasped out loud). John follows that up by telling Belle he loves her, but is ASHAMED TO CALL HER HIS DAUGHTER. (GASP!) Broken record moment: Drake is doing WORK!!

We've come to the end of another episode of DAYS. Did you all enjoy this episode as much as I did? Did you gasp like I did?? Sound off in the comments below!