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Perkie's Observations: Franco Spies a Moment Between Liz and Drew on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Billy Miller, Roger Howarth

Rebecca Herbst, Billy Miller, Roger Howarth

Robert checks in with Anna before leaving town. He says they still don't know where Cassandra was taken and blames Finn for bringing her out of the coma. Robin shows up, having stopped off in Port Charles on her way back from a seminar.

Anna wonders if Robin forgives her for not telling her about Peter. Robin feels her mother made the right choice for herself and thinks she wouldn't have been able to handle the truth before now. Robin says it was Anna's secret to keep.

Anna mentions that Peter is staying in town, mainly for Maxie's sake. Robin plans on sticking around for a bit.

Sonny and Carly discuss the explosion and the danger Kristina was in. Carly points out it's a good thing that Julian is keeping quiet. Sonny is certain Julian will want to collect for the damages. Sonny can't believe Mike managed to slip away.

Mike shows up and apologizes for making things worse. Carly reassures him that everyone is okay. Sonny says Mike can't wander off like that anymore. Mike decides he needs to look at the brochures. Both Carly and Sonny tell him that he has a home with them, but Mike feels he needs to do this.

Julian wants to know when he can get started on fixing his basement. Chase reminds him it's still a crime scene. He says they found a human skeleton in the foundation. Julian denies knowing about it and points out that he was planning a renovation.

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Liz wants Cameron to be nicer to Oscar and invite him over. Cameron isn't interested in being friends with Oscar.

Oscar mentions to Drew that an astroid is scheduled to hit the Earth next year. He wants to make plans to hike in Tanzania to check it out. Drew agrees, though his face says, "you'll be dead."

Kim stops by to talk to Liz. She tells her that Drew knows the truth about Oscar. She says she'll be meeting with Terry to discuss their options. Liz offers comfort.

Oscar wants to talk to Cameron about what happened between him and Josslyn at the park. Cameron thinks it's about the kiss and accidentally mentions it. Oscar gets angry and the two get into a fight. After the fight, the two basically make up (totally not believable for teenage boys fighting over a girl).

Finn offers Chase a cup of coffee. He wants to thank him for helping to rescue him and Anna. Chase admits he pushed too hard to get Finn's attention, but they're all good now. Robert stops by to get more info from Finn. Finn tells Robert that Cassandra is on specific medications and they're hard to find. Robert plans to follow that trail.

Franco runs into Drew. He asks him how to deal with teenagers, especially Cameron. He goes on about being there for teens and Drew gets upset, but then apologizes. Franco offers an ear, but Drew's not ready to talk.

Liz tells Drew she spoke with Kim. Drew thanks her for being Kim's ear and the two hug, which Franco sees.

Julian shows up at Sonny's to talk about the body in the basement.