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Days of Our Lives Recap: Shawn Douglas Guilts Hope into Railroading Ben

Shawn Brady, Days of Our Lives

Kristian Alfonso, Brandon Beemer

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: We begin another day in Salem with Ciara! Hey Ciara, I didn't even realize I missed you! Are you doing your homework? Are you in college? Did I know this? Anyway, the phone rings and it's Tripp working at the Horton Square restaurant. Why aren't they working at Chez Rouge? Sorry, my ADD is really kicking in. Tripp wants to know if everything is okay. Ciara really hates math. Tripp wants to keep binge watching some show and actually eat dessert. Oh goodie, Ben is lurking in the background. Is he winding up a scarf like a necktie?  

At the Salem PD, Shawn D. is nagging momma Hope for intel about Ben because his daughter and his sister are living with a serial killer. Side note: I love that on DAYS I can hear a line of dialogue like that and not even blink . . . Giggle. Hope is in distress because her "manpower" is being spent on finding actual criminals like that MEAN, MEAN, MEAN Kristen DiMera. Hope shouts "ENOUGH!" She is doing her best to deal with that evil Ben Weston . . . #DirtyCop

In the interrogation room, Samantha Gene is all dressed up in a lovely black and white suit. She demands that Rafe get her a new bail hearing because her judge was an idiot. Rafe reminds she's a flight risk because she's a DiMera. Sami doesn't care because Kristen is still missing and she is the only one who can tell her where EJ is . . . oh yeah, and Marlena and Paul and stuff. Rafe tells Sami that Marlena had a setback and Sami is distressed . . . wait 'til she finds out what Belle is up to. If she had just sold Belle on the black market, none of this would be happening.  

At the hospital, John is talking to Justin about stopping the hospital from executing the advance directive that Belle brought to Kayla's attention.  

Belle tells him not to waste his time. 

John tells Belle it's just a piece of paper.  

Belle tells John to not waste Justin's time 'cuz he won't be able to fight it. 

John tells Belle that Justin is willing to do whatever it takes . . . on his cue!

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It's like watching a tennis match!

As this episode draws to a close, Justin is telling Eric there is actually nothing he can do - Belle was right. Eric is gonna go tell folks and leaves John with Justin.  

Side note: Do y'all notice that once again Eric comes out smelling like a rose? He grabbed Sami's arm while she had a gun in her hand. Marlena gets shot and nobody blames Eric! He supports Belle when she implements the advance directive, then comforts John, who conveniently forgets . . . once again, nobody blames Eric. Just sayin' . . . 

After Eric escapes (once again), John tells Justin that he gives zero f***s what the hospital board says. He is going to save his DOC!  

Over in Horton Square, Belle and Claire Bear are talking about Grandma Marlena and turning off the machines. Belle explains that John is fighting the advance directive and maybe the machines won't get shut off at all! In walks Shawn D., who explains that blameless Eric said the decision has been made about Marlena!  

Back at the Salem PD, Rafe enters the interrogation room as Sami demands answers. Rafe tells Sami that Marlena is going to be taken off the ventilator. I really wouldn't want to be Belle if or when Sami gets out of that room. 

Meanwhile at the apartment, Ciara and Tripp are kissing as Ben approaches. Ben clears his throat. He's heading out since it looks like Tripp and Ciara want to be alone to do some business. Just then, Hope shows up with "new evidence". She arrests Ben for the, "Attempted murder of Ciara Brady." Tripp looks reeeeeaaallly happy. Ciara looks a bit shocked. Ben looks like, "Aw, Hell Nah." This could get really good. Hope is already a dirty cop (because, you know, that history). I'm looking forward to seeing this business play out.

And with that we've come to the end of another day in Salem. What did you all think? Has Marlena mewed her last mew? Will Sami escape and sell Belle on the black market...again? What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments!

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