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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena's Family Gathers as She Heads to the Upper Room

Alison Sweeney, Greg Vaughan, Martha Madison

Alison Sweeney, Greg Vaughan, Martha Madison

We open today’s episode with a review of Hope arresting Ben. She calls him a son of a bitch for trying to burn her daughter alive and carts him off in cuffs. Ciara isn’t buying it, while Tripp looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Ciara doesn’t understand how her mother could arrest Ben. Has she met her mother? Ciara wants to go to the police station, but Tripp tells her to hang back because if he set the fire he’s getting what he deserved. Dear Tripp, you are going to lose this battle. You are adorable. You have floppy hair. Go find Chelsea Brady and have a fling that might have a chance of going somewhere.  

Over at the police station, Sami is trying to reason with Rafe to let her go see her momma at the hospital. When reasoning doesn’t work, Sami begs Rafe to please not make her bash him on the head again. She’ll never forgive herself if she can’t say goodbye to her momma – or Belle. Let’s be honest, it’s Belle that she won’t be able to forgive and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. Even though the judge denied her bail, Rafe is going to let her go to the hospital, but he’s going to keep her handcuffed. I’m pretty sure that isn’t really legal and Hope is gonna dropkick his ass to the curb. 

As Rafe is trying to sneak Sami out of the station, Hope walks in with Ben. Rafe and Hope both wonder what the hell is going on. Hope tells Rafe that she went back out to the crime scene. She just so happened to find a can of accelerant with a partial print that just so happens to match Ben – really, Hope, really? Then comes an exchange that needs to be quoted:

Sami: "I guess we shouldn’t be surprised . . . pervert!"

Ben: "Whatcha in for this time, sweetheart?"

I believe you could describe what came out of my mouth as a guffaw. Maybe a cackle. Whoever was responsible for that particular exchange deserves a raise, pronto!

Rafe tells Hope he is taking Sami to her cell. Hope ain’t buying it and yells after Rafe as he and Sami head out the door. Sami even looks back at Hope and says, “Bye!” 

Later on, Hope questions Ben about the accelerant. Ben says he doesn’t need his lawyer because he didn’t set that damned fire. Also, he wonders why Hope chose this time when her “friend” Marlena is in the hospital and Kristen DiMera is on the loose to go way out of town, by herself, and conveniently find a piece of evidence that implicates him. Ben can’t wait to tell everyone that she set him up. Hope smiles and heads out to booking. 

Over at the hospital, John and Eric are talking about Justin trying to stop the hospital from turning off the machines. Eric seems to have forgotten he initially supported Belle because their mother named her as the proxy. Eric is more flip floppy than Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. There’s also that little thing of him grabbing Sami’s arm while she was pointing a gun at Jarlena. It’s impressive how he stays squeaky clean. 

John thinks that all the folks who want to see Marlena should come on down to the hospital to pay their respects. This is going to be so good. John calls Carrie to tell her what’s happening and he called her “PUMPKIN”. I miss Carrie. Just then, Belle and Claire Bear show up to comfort John. Claire Bear tries to hug John, but he hangs back for a minute before embracing her – I wonder what that was about. Belle tries to convince John she is there for him. Belle reiterates again that these were her mother’s wishes. I’m not at all sure John is going to buy what she’s selling. 

John tells Claire Bear he doesn’t think this going to end well for her Grandma Marlena and she needs to say her goodbyes. In the hospital room, Claire Bear recounts to Belle how Grandma Marlena gives her very wise advice she most often ignores, and then regrets. She says goodbye and heads out leaving Belle to make her peace with her momma. Belle acknowledges she’s been away for so long and they haven’t talked as much, which is probably why they never reviewed the advance directive. Belle says she loves her momma, but is mad at her for making her do this.  

At the nurses desk, Will heads over to talk to John. He’s been with Paul in radiology where he is having all of the tests. Will tells John he got his memory all the way back, and Sonny knows . . .  but he is going to stay with Paul and see him through this ordeal. John gives Will a big ole bear hug. Side Note: That hug was everything sweet and precious and warmed the cockles of my soul. What does not warm the cockles of my soul is the slowly growing narrative that Will is being a martyr for not dumping Paul and reuniting with Sonny. Maybe it’s just me . . . 

In Paul’s room, Eric and Brady are reminiscing about their good times with Marlena. They had a ritual where Marlena asked them everyday to name one thing they were grateful for. Brady and Eric hated it as children, but Brady apparently did it offscreen with Tater Tot. Eric is thankful he and Brady reunited - hold on to that feeling as long as you can, Padre.  

Back in Marlena’s room, Belle is recounting how disruptive she has been since the day she was conceived – y’all remember John and Marlena hunching on that desk, and Samantha Gene walked in, took in the view, and began 20 years of character driven storyline. Oh, oh, and then, after Belle was born, Sami tried to sell her on the black market. Seriously y’all, if you don’t have the history with this show search it online. It was gold.  

As Belle seems to be coming to a conclusion, Will walks in. Belle reminds him what his coming back meant to Marlena. He sits at her bedside and starts with acknowledging that his mom put her in this situation. Will thinks he might be taking after Sami a little bit and it seems to scare him. Will definitely had Sami’s ME ME ME mentality prior to his encounter with stranglebae. During his memory loss, that component of his personality disappeared. Now, that the memories have come back, the Sami mentality seems to be returning. What Will isn’t so great at is the scheming, manipulative stuff. He’ll need to work on that. Will says he wants to talk to his Grandma Marlena about all of this mess that is going on right now so she can tell him if he’s doing the right thing because that is the key issue at hand, right?  

Brady and Eric come in next. Brady says he treated Marlena horribly for a long time. His favorite line to her – you’re not my real mom. He was wrong and knows it now. He says she is the only mother that he’s ever known. You’ve always loved me like I was your own – always? Parenting Tater Tot has made him appreciate Marlena as a mom even more.

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Brady leaves Eric to say goodbye to Marlena. I feel certain we are about to get an Emmy worthy Greg Vaughan tear fest, let’s watch. Oh yeah. Emmy reel. Mark it down. Eric tells his momma that he doesn’t think he’s ever really expressed how much he loves her. The best line from this exchange, “I have been honored to be your son.” Soooo good.

At the nurses station, John tells Brady he wonders if Marlena would have made a different choice if they hadn’t gotten divorced. That conversation would have continued, but here comes Belle and Claire Bear. Brady goes to comfort Belle and calls her “Tink” – I’m melting. Just then, Sami walks in with the AWWW, HELL NAH! response we’ve been waiting for. She wants to know why Belle wants to kill their mother. Belle then gives it right back to her by reminding her that their mother wouldn’t even be in the hospital if it wasn’t for Sami’s antics. Eric tries to be the voice of reason to calm everything down. Take several seats, Eric.

Sami heads in to visit with Marlena. Sami takes the blame when its just her and her comatose momma. “How could someone like you end up with a daughter like me?” That’s a great line. She brought up catching John and Marlena hunching on that table and how the rest of her life was spent trying not to be Marlena. Another line worth singling out:

Sami to Marlena: "You are like a fortress. No matter what horrible thing I threw at you, you wouldn’t crumble. And now you’re here because of me."

Sami begins to sing “Rockaby Baby” but replaces the word “baby” with the word “mother”. She sings the entire verse . . . through tears. Sami then puts her head on Marlena’s stomach and says, “Mommy”. Oh yeah, the tears are good and flowing now.

John goes in to say goodbye to his Doc, and remembers when she was in the hospital tying to talk a kid off a rooftop and she fell. She made it through that. He looks up and prays for one more miracle so they can finish their vows. John is pleading for her to come back to him right now. Please. Please. Drake Hogestyn is doing the nose drip cry. Good stuff.

At the nurses station, Will is reminding Sami of all the other messes she’s been in when Sami suddenly realizes that he remembers everything. They embrace and Sami says it is proof that miracles exist. Will laughs and says he’s had a strange life. Understatement of the Year.

Here comes Kayla. She tells everyone she is going to go into Marlena’s room and disconnect the machine. The fam heads to the chapel to pray for a miracle. When they return, Claire Bear heads out because she’s never seen someone die . . . just wait, Claire Bear. This is Salem. It’s bound to happen sooner rather than later. John asks Brady to check on Paul. Eric, Sami, Belle, and John join Kayla in Marlena’s room. Sami and Belle clutch to either side of Eric at the foot of Marlena’s bed while John and Kayla stand to the side. Kayla turns off the machine. The camera scans the room and lands on Marlena. Fade to black.

I would be very surprised if folks’ Emmy reels didn’t come from these last few episodes. These scenes in the hospital with the family fighting and saying goodbye to a loved one were rich, soapy, goodness.

We’ve concluded another week in Salem. What did you think of today’s episode? Sound off in the comments!