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Perkie's Observations: Margaux and Jordan Dig Up Some Dirt on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Maxie and Peter get stuck in the elevator. Maxie calls for help while Peter has a panic attack. Maxie manages to calm him down.

Monica throws a suprise birthday party for Drew and invites Sam, Kim, and Oscar. Sam and Kim make small talk. Sam lets it slip that Drew told her about Oscar's condition.

Kim confronts Drew. She tells him Oscar will find out the truth the wrong way because more people know. She says Drew needs to pull it together because it's written all over his face.

Sam notices Oscar's hands are bruised. She tells Kim and Drew he's been in a fight. Oscar downplays it, but Kim and Drew are upset. Drew says he taught Oscar how to protect himself, not to have random fights. Kim points out that he just got out of the hospital, which is news to Monica. Oscar claims it was nothing.

Nina has an appraiser check out the heart locket. He says it was part of a larger piece and was divided. (Didn't she know that already? Did she have to pay someone to tell her that?)

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Nina spots someone following her, so Curtis grabs the guy. It turns out to be a bodyguard who was hired by Valentin. He tells Nina that Cassandra is out of her coma and she needs to be protected. Valentin wants her to move back into Wyndemere, but Nina refuses. Nina says she can protect herself.

Curtis updates Valentin he knows who paid off the lawyer. It's a single mother with a daughter.

Jordan tells Margaux they recovered a piece of the bullet in the body. They're testing it to see if it matches any other crime. Margaux looks into Charlie Delaney's past, which leads her to Frank Smith. She notices that Sonny used to work for Frank. Jordan points out the body predates Sonny's arrival in Port Charles. Jordan says they need to find someone with a connection to Charlie.

Carly tells Sonny that what happened at the pub could have been tragic and that he really needs to start listening to what Mike wants. Sonny doesn't want to send Mike away. Carly says Mike wants to make the decision now, while he can.

Mike walks in and agrees with Carly, because it's time for him to go. Mike says he knows that he's losing himself little by litte. Sonny doesn't know how to let go, so the two agree to ease into it.

Margaux and Jordan show up to talk to Mike.