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Wishful Storytelling: What If Devon Turned to the Dark Side on The Young and the Restless?

Bryton James

Bryton James

Yes, I am still in my feelings stewing about the bone-headed way The Young and the Restless decided to usher Mishael Morgan's Hilary Curtis off the canvas. I'm well aware people come and go in this medium we call soap operas. However when it is executed poorly, you can still turn things around and come out with a jaw-dropping storyline. 

Take for example Lily (Christel Khalil) and Hilary's car crash, and the aftermath. Shauna (Camryn Hamm) set the payback game in motion by letting everyone know Lily was the cause of Hilary's and her unborn child’s deaths. Devon’s (Bryton James) dressing down of her was glorious. Pushing for her to go to jail has been a treat to see, but already we can see the show is slowing down with the vengeance and anger surrounding the accident. Look at Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). She was also pushing for justice, but now she’s started to change her tune. What if things went even further?

Let's say once the dust settled after Hilary's funeral, Lily decides she's going to let Devon cool off for a bit. Then, she can talk to him at work. Everyone tries to convince her not to go into work and discuss things with Devon because he needs more time. Lily insists she's trying to resolve things now to get Devon to understand she didn't mean to cause their deaths. She's not running away from what she did and she's not about to let Devon deal with this on his own. For him, it isn't up for discussion. She tells the kids she'll see them at home, with Cane telling her they will all leave together. Lily cooly tells him she needs time by herself to think about what she's learned and how to deal with things.

The next day, Lily appears at HWG ready for work and to speak with Devon. A stunned Neil (Kristoff St. John) tries to convince her she needs to give him some time, suggesting she should take the day off. The two bicker about Lily being there when Devon comes in. When he does, he tells Lily he's happy she's there he has something to say to her.

Devon lets her know the company is shaking things up due to financial reasons and her modeling agency will be sold off. Lily is aghast by this and accuses him of being spiteful. Devon laughs, then rips her. He accuses her of being spoiled, privileged, and thinking his bank account is her personal ATM. He says this has been something in the works and calls in an accountant to show her the data that the agency was underperforming. Neil tells Devon this is the first he's heard of it. Devon fires back that while this was going on, he was busy with Nate and Ashley. He tried to show him the data and it's been sitting on his desk. Devon says effective immediately, Lily's modeling agency is sold to AM Models, which happens to belong to Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz), which is relocated in Los Angeles. Lily is shocked this is all happening so fast.

She begs Devon not to take out his anger on her through the business. He tells her SHE is making things personal, something she always accused Hilary of. Neil pipes up. He tells Devon that as his partner, he should've run this by him before he made this decision. Devon tells him to read the fine print and shows him that even though they are 50/50 partners, Devon can make the deciding choice on things since he's the financial backer.

At the GCAC, Lily is with Cane (Daniel Goddard). She is upset over what happened with Devon. She wonders if Devon will ever forgive her and continue to take things out on her. Will he also take things out on their kids? Cane tries to reassure Lily things will be fine between them, but Devon just needs some time.

Meanwhile, Jill (Jess Walton) appears. She talks to them about what happened at HWG. She mentions she wasn't able to come to the funeral because she was Down Under. Jill knows Devon is hurting, but he doesn't get to take it out on Lily. She didn't mean to harm Hilary and the baby. It was an accident and the police will say as much. Jill remarks that even in death Hilary is still causing drama, something she thrived on. Cane and Lily admonish Jill for what she says, seeing as though Hilary was JUST buried. 

Cane then tells Lily she can take some time to stay at home and figure out what she wants to do next. There's no rush since he's working at Chancellor Industries (CI) and can more than enough carry the slack. The trio then leaves saying they want to spend some time with the twins. Who they don't notice is Devon, who is seated in the corner listening to everything. He heard Cane mention CI. As he and Lily are leaving, Devon contacts David Sherman, son of Mitchell Sherman (William Wintersole), to look over the CI contract and call a board meeting by the end of the week.

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By Friday, Devon calls an emergency CI meeting. He says some information has been brought to his attention. He's concerned about the direction of his grandmother's company and her legacy. Cane and Jill stroll in. They are a bit stunned that Devon is there and he's the one who called the meeting, since he has nothing to do with CI. Devon reminds Jill he has everything to do with it since it was HIS money that brought it from Victor (Eric Braeden). He lets them and the board know that even though he wasn't actively participating in the company, he was aware of the things that were happening and was unnerved by the financials. 

Profits are down from the last quarter and the projections show it is about to take another hit. This is because of Cane's business deals and Jill's approval of them. Cane is defensive about what Devon's claims. He tries to explain they just had a bad first half of the year, but they are bound to bounce back. Devon says based on the numbers, they won't and because of this, things need to change. He tells the board he votes to have Cane removed from CI because of his mismanagement! Jill is outraged by Devon. She claims that as the CEO of CI, SHE can make that decision. Devon lets her know their financial agreement stipulates if she's late on her payment, HE can step in and take control. He looks at her and informs her she hasn't paid in MONTHS!

Jill, without thinking, speaks ill of Hilary. She blames her death on Devon's irrational behavior, prompting Devon to tear into Jill. Cane steps in and tries to tell Devon they are family and what he's doing his revenge. Jill says Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) would be ashamed of what he's doing. Devon tells them HE is the only one from Katherine's family, and Jill is just someone who lucked out and got knocked up by his grandmother's husband. He continues that Cane is nothing but a con artist who got lucky conning two old women and married his sister. Cane tries to attack Devon, but security comes in to escort him out. Devon tells him he has 20 minutes to clear out his office. Jill tries to convince Devon he's making a mistake. Devon lets her know the mistake she made was thinking she can come in here and expect to not abide by things.

He lets her know since she's all about family, a family member will take over at CI...CHANCE (John Driscoll)! Jill is shocked as her grandson saunters in and introduces himself to the board. She thinks she has an ally with him, but he rips into the mismanagement of the company and is happy a REAL Chancellor will be taking over the reins. Jill tries to talk to Chance by playing the grandma card, but Chance isn't hearing it. He says her days of putting an interloper like Cane ahead of business is over, and thanks Devon for placing the company back into family hands. Jill storms out, threatening that she will fight this and he will pay.

Cane is at Crimson Lights venting about Devon. He says he's out of control and must be stopped. He wishes he had the financial means, but doesn't and knows "He" can. The camera pans to Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Nick sympathizes with Devon about a family member using their power to control things. He also tells Cane he wishes he could help, but he can't and won't. Cane is flabbergasted Nick won't help, but Nick tells him that's a dispute between him and Devon. He's not getting involved because he and Devon are cool. His mother and Katherine were besties and Katherine wouldn't want him taking down her grandson. Nick still remembers Cane trying to sandbag Victoria (Amelia Heinle), causing her to have to pay off Juliet (Laur Allen) because of his lies.

Later that night, Devon's looking out a window. He is talking out loud about the moves he's made. He knows some are upset by his actions, but he doesn't care. He feels as though it is the least he could to in Hilary and their child's honor. Even though he's acted out his revenge against Lily, he doesn't feel better. Instead, he feels like he needs to do more. He actually loves the fact that he's got the power to crush people. It gives him a rush and he can't wait for more. He's glad he was advised to look over the contracts at CI. He smirks "You" should've seen Cane and Jill's faces. I think my grandmother would've been proud. 

You see Devon walking towards a chair. He thanks the person in the chair for helping him locate Chance to make his move. The person spins around and it is none other than VICTOR! Victor smirks and says Kay would've loved to see Devon pull a fast one on Jill. He tells him it was no trouble at all locating Chance, and he's so glad the young man is ready to take over. Devon tells Victor he's grateful for his help. Even though Neil has taught him the tricks of the trade in the corporate world, what better way to learn than from the man who taught his father well. Victor then tells Devon he promised Katherine he'd look out for him and that's what he will do, in business and outside of it.

While the two are talking strategy, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) walks in and is shocked to see Devon and Victor. She offers her condolences about Hilary and asks how he is. Devon thanks her and tells her he's taking it one step at a time. She mentions hearing all about Chance taking over CI. He tells her he had to dispatch Cane and Jill due to mismanagement and it wasn't personal, just business. The business world wanted a family member to take over and it was great that Phillip Chancellor IV wanted to do it. 

Devon looks at his watch and notices it is getting late. He decides to bounce before Nikki can grill him more. Devon tells Victor to have his secretary contact him for a meeting. They will get together to discuss business. Nikki offers to walk him to the elevator as Victor takes a call. While waiting on the elevator, Nikki mentions to Devon she's heard from Neil all about the moves he's made. Then, she sees him with Victor and wonders if he knows what he's getting into with him. Devon tells her Victor is someone his grandmother told him to seek out for business advice. That's all he's doing. He wonders why she thinks they are up to something and if she doesn't trust him. She's married and back with Victor after all. Nikki tells Devon she loves Victor. She also knows he doesn't do something for nothing and to be careful. Even though Kay told him to go to Victor for advice, she'd also want him to make sure he's doing it for the right reasons. Just then, the elevator arrives and Devon departs.

Nikki returns into Victor's office and Victor jokes if she was warning Devon about his dastardly ways. Nikki knows Victor is up to something and doesn't want Devon to be in the crossfire because he is her bestie's grandson. Victor tells Nikki he remembers when he first met Devon at the rec center. He saw he had potential, and with his spunk and fire, he knew he'd make something of himself. He watched him while he was in Newman Enterprises' training program, just like Neil was. He saw he had what it took and had his eye on him. He never did anything out of respect for Neil, but now things have changed. He sees Devon has what it takes to be a power player in the business world. Devon kind of reminds him of himself. He wishes their own son Nick would allow him to teach him what he knows like Devon is willing to.