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Perkie's Observations: Liz Can't Keep a Secret on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Margaux and Jordan want to question Mike about the body in the basement. Margaux mentions Mike's friendship with Charlie and wonders if he knows anything. Carly wants to call their lawyer, but Mike agrees to talk.

Mike says he was at the pub to get his daughter Courtney a job. Everyone thinks Mike is having an episode. When Margaux mentions Courtney's been dead for 12 years, Mike freaks out. Margaux and Jordan are forced to leave without answers. Mike admits to Sonny and Carly he was faking.

Jason stops by to see Robin. They discuss Peter. Robin is upset he stole 5 years from Jason, yet is living his life in PC. Robin's still angry at her own kidnapping, but gets some satisfaction that Faison is dead. Robin tells Jason Peter is free because Robert is allowing it.

Jason says he won't retaliate against Peter because of his respect for her and Anna. He says he won't get back the time lost and it would hurt Anna.

Kim is upset with Oscar about the fight, even more so when she finds out it was with Cameron. Kim is ready to dole out some punishment, but Oscar asks to spend another night at the mansion.

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Liz sees Cameron's injuries, but he lies and says he tripped on a rock. Kim calls Liz and tells her the truth. Cameron admits that they fought over Josslyn and the kiss. Liz admonishes him for kissing Josslyn without her consent.

Franco stops by to see "Kevin" to whine about his place in Liz's life. Ryan is forced to play along since he has no idea who Franco is. Franco mentions his tenuous relationship with the boys and how Liz hugging Drew bothered him. He wonders when his abusive past will stop looming over him, but Ryan says it never will.

Ryan quickly takes it back. He says Franco's past will always be there, but that he needs to channel it towards the positive. After Franco leaves, Ryan looks up his records.

Oscar shows Josslyn his injured hand and explains what happened. She swears she doesn't like Cameron that way and she wants to be with Oscar.

Drew stops by to talk to Kim about Oscar. He feels she's denying Oscar the chance to make his own choices. He wants them to tell Oscar the truth. Kim says Oscar's birthday is coming up and she wants him to have a happy celebration without a dark cloud over him. Drew agrees not to say anything until after Oscar's birthday.

Franco tells Liz about his session with Kevin. He admits he was upset when he saw her hugging Drew. Because Franco is a jealous man child, Liz is forced to break her confidence to Kim. She tells Franco about Oscar's brain tumor.

Ryan has made plans for dinner. It turns out to be with Lucy.