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Days of Our Lives Recap: Hattie Takes Marlena's Place and Tells Her Daughters to Kick Rocks!


Hey folks! Today, we're going to hit the high points of TWO days of DAYS. Consider this the SUPERSIZED Days of Our Lives recap. Buckle up, with Ron and company at the wheel, it's sure to be a bumpy ride!

We open Monday's episode with Shawn Douglas appearing at Tripp's door. Tripp explains that Ben was arrested because Hope found a fingerprint on a can of accelerant (how does he know?). Shawn D asks suspiciously if his momma found it by herself. Tripp doesn't know, but explains he thought this evidence would be enough to convince Ciara that Ben is MEAN, MEAN, MEAN. Okay, he didn't say that, but again how does he know? Didn't that statement sound like he planted the evidence? Remember, this is the same kid who almost killed three people at the hospital in an attempt to set Kayla up. Just sayin' . . . 

At the Salem PD, Ciara wants some answers from Ben. She tried calling Ted but he didn't answer. We still don't know what happened to Ted after Kate pulled that gun on him. It seems like weeks ago, but it was only like three days in Salem time. Ciara wants to believe Ben, but the lab doesn't make mistakes like that. Ben tries to convince Ciara that her mom set him up. Hope reenters the room and Ciara is having none of Hope's nonsense. Ben accuses Hope of breaking the law . . . which is probably not his lesson to teach.  

Hope tries to rewrite history by telling Ciara that Ben killed so many people they loved. Well . . . really? Let's review. Ben killed Natalie Buchanan, Paige Larson, and Wendy the midwife. The one person they actually loved, Will, didn't die. Words matter, Fancy Face. Ben follows up by recounting all of the ways Hope has tried to trip him up since Marlena declared him fit to return to society. Ciara makes Hope swear that she didn't plant the evidence. Very slowly and unconvincingly, Hope swears. I'm not buying what you're selling, Princess Gina/Nighttime Hope!

Later, Shawn D and Ben have a man to man. Shawn D is glad he'll be going to prison. Ben looks genuinely pained that he believes the lies his momma is spreading. Ben tries to convince Shawn D that Hope set him up. Cue the flashback and the knowing look from Shawn D that he fears Ben is right.  

Cut to the hospital where we are watching the fruit of Marlena's womb hold watch over her death bed. They've been praying and crying since Friday! Kayla, once again, shuts off the machines. Belle rushes to her mother's side, while John looks down his nose at the daughter who wanted to "kill her own mother". "What do we do now?” Belle cries. Sami replies, "Sell a bitch on the black market." Just kidding. Y'all know that's what she wanted to say. What really happened is Kayla told them to wait and see, but not too long because Marlena wakes up . . . and is looking very suspiciously at her loving family. 

Kayla tries to clear the room, but Marlena says she wants to see her children. They fawn all over her. Sami hangs back, but Eric draws her close. Sami is so happy that she is going to be okay, but Marlena says, "no thanks to you." This. Is. Awesome. Marlena is not happy as she tells Sami that all of this is her fault. Kayla and John try to push Sami out the door, but y'all know Sami. She continues babbling about how her mother has to forgive her. Marlena is not having it. She wants Sami GONE . . . before she finishes her off. Belle tries to tell Sami to leave it alone. I'm thinking that Belle probably needs to back off before Sami realizes she hasn't beaten that ass yet.  

Marlena relaxes now that Sami is gone. Belle decides it's the perfect time to tell her she made the decision to pull the plug. John tries to stop her and Kayla tries to soften the blow, but Marlena plainly declares that Belle is "the person who tried to pull the plug on your mother." Something isn't right here, but I am totally here for it. Once again, Kayla tries to divert Belle's attention from Marlena's strange reaction, and finally gets her out of the room. Once the room is cleared, John gets mad and asks Marlena, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Oh yeah. It's Hattie.

Suddenly, back at the Saved By the Bell loft, Ciara walks in on the business end of Tripp comforting Claire. Is she interrupting? After everything gets cleared up, Ciara gives Tripp the scoop about Ben and his mom at the police station. She kinda thinks Ben is guilty because her momma would never actually frame someone. They continue making up and she ends up kissing him . . . after he kissed Claire. Really? Seriously? 

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Back at the Salem PD, Rafe returns with Sami, who tells Hope that Marlena rallied. Did anyone else think that Hope's reaction to Marlena's recovery seemed somewhat forced and pained? Rafe is confronting Hope about the evidence that suddenly appeared to implicate Ben in the fire that almost fried Ciara. Side note: For some weird reason, I really miss when Ben called her Ceeee-Ahhh-Rah. Oh wait, Rafe is still berating Hope. He's reminding her she said she would stop at nothing. All of the expert folks had picked over that crime scene and this all looks a little convenient . . . Why, yes it does! Ooooh, and he brings up how Hope shot Stefano and he helped her cover it up. Hope is trying to distract Rafe by grilling him about sneaking Sami over to the hospital, but it's really about sleeping with her during their 10 hour break. 

In Horton Square, Belle is distraught because Kayla pulled the plug on Marlena and it's all her fault. Fortunately, Shawn D is there to provide a strong, muscular, shoulder . . . is anyone else warm? But wait, Belle is not distraught, she's happy. Marlena woke up! She explains to Shawn D how Marlena was a wee bit vindictive upon her reawakening. Then they're like, oh well, at least she's alive. Shawn D goes on to tell Belle his suspicions about his momma being Princess Gina . . . I mean, that she set up Ben. I half expected to be Ted lurking around the corner. 

In the park, Kayla runs to see Roman and they review how their plan to swap out Hattie for Marlena worked . . . and they smiled with glee . . . and so did I. Oh, and they review how Roman actually got Hattie from the prison to the hospital.  

Back at the hospital, John is chatting up Hattie and saying that he didn't agree to this. He needs her to be more like Marlena. Hattie is not having any of it. She's sorry John didn't get to see a sappy reunion between mother and daughters, but "those two dames tried to kill [her]".  I. LOVE. HATTIE. Hattie reminds John that she has him over a barrel . . . and wants a burger and fries from the Brady Pub. Later, Roman comes to visit Hattie and she gleefully tries to get him to cuddle with her in the hospital bed. 

We begin the conclusion of Tuesday's episode with Rafe kind of forcing a kiss on Hope who briefly reciprocates before heading out the door with the can of accelerant. 

Over at the loft, Ciara and Tripp continue to kiss before she remembers she has to move her bike before she gets a ticket. Out comes Claire, who gives a Real Housewives apology to Tripp about causing him trouble with Ciara. Tripp explains she didn't because it won't happen again. Claire smiles and says, yeah, until she goes back to Ben. That little sneaky thing is trying to undermine Ciara after apologizing for causing trouble. I wonder if we will see Claire team up with Ben to prove his innocence. Words I thought I would never say: Claire/Tripp/Ciara/Ben is a viable quad.

Back in Horton Square, Belle tells Shawn D there is no way Hope would falsify evidence to set up Ben. Shawn D remains unconvinced. Belle decides she needs to go on back to the hospital to make things right with her mother . . . Good. Luck. 

At the hospital, Hattie is still trying to convince Roman to get in the bed and warm her up with his manly body heat. After a while, she is tired of begging because she has her pride. Roman just looks tickled at everything Hattie says . . . especially when she mentions how Andre DiMera was killed by that slight little thing, Abigail. Old Alfie deserved to die . . . maybe she should send her a gift . . . oh, I like where this is going. 

At the very end of the episode, Kayla and John enter what looks like the basement of the hospital to a room where the actual Marlena is still on life support. Kayla is never going to be able to practice medicine ever again.  

We've come to the end of the SUPERSIZED DAYS recap.  What did you all think of these two very eventful episodes?  Sound off in the comments!