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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Is Ready to See Felicia on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Yesterday's episode ended with Ryan opening the office door to Lucy. Today's opens with him running into her at the restaurant, like it was the first time they were seeing each other (I blame editing for that). The two make small talk about her and Kevin's pasts, until Ryan gets tired of going down memory lane.

Curtis meets with a young lady. He tells her he's an investigator and he thinks she's his friend's daughter. Sasha says she's not adopted, but Curtis thinks her mother may have lied. Curtis asks Sasha to take a DNA test. After a while, she agrees.

Nina stops by to speak with Anna about Cassandra. Anna says there is still no sign of her. Nina worries about her safety and swears she stabbed Cassandra with the syringe in self defense. Anna brings up Valentin. Nina tells her they're getting a divorce, which surprises Anna.

Anna mentions how upset Nina was that Valentin gave Peter to Faison. Nina mentions losing her baby and her inability to have more. Nina admits she's been fantasizing about what it would mean if her child were alive.

Liz tells Cam again to apologize to Joss for forcing the kiss on her. After he leaves, Franco and Liz discuss Oscar and how it's a parent's worst nightmare. Franco remembers what he inadvertently said to Drew and feels badly.

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Maxie explains to Lulu about the elevator ride with panicky Peter. Lulu tells her she's writing the Ryan Chamberlain story, but promises to be ethical. Lulu says Kevin gave her his blessing, which surprises Maxie.

Maxie interrupts Ryan and Lucy to ask if "Kevin" is okay with Lulu writing the stories. Ryan feels Lulu would be the best person to tell the story. Maxie and Lucy worry how Felicia will deal with this. Ryan thinks he should talk to Felicia and work out their feelings on it. Lucy decides to have Felicia and Mac join them, which does not sit well with Ryan. He wants Felicia alone.

Julian stops by to see Kim, saying it's been awhile. She tells him about Oscar's stay in the hospital, but not about the tumor. Kim says there's more, but she can't talk about it now. Julian doesn't push the issue.

Julian says he wants Oscar to like him. He bought tickets for the three of them to see Hamilton. Kim's thrilled until he says the tickets are for April.

Cam stops by to apologize to Oscar again. The two agree there are no hard feelings between them.

Sam apologizes to Drew. He's not happy with Kim's decision to hold off telling Oscar. Drew's worried Oscar will hear the news from someone else. Sam offers to be a shoulder to lean on, but Drew says he has to go through it alone.

Franco's looking at a children's brain tumor website. He calls Drew to leave a message. He apologizes and offers his condolences. Cam overhears him. When Franco leaves the room, Cam sees the open website on the computer.