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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chloe is Not Buying What Bonnie's Dusty Uterus is Selling

Nadia Bjorlin

Nadia Bjorlin

We begin today's recap at the hospital with Kayla and Lucas talking about Paul, who is doing better because Will sneaked in a cheeseburger and fries . . . is that a euphemism? Kayla and Lucas are talking about how wonderful young William is to be loving and supportive of Paul . . . MmmmmHmmmm. Kayla quickly connects storylines by asking Lucas if Will knows he may have a little sister. Big Daddy Horton is trying to keep Little Bonnie on the downlow so as not to distract Will from his duties as Paul's caregiver. 

At the Salem PD, it's Bonnie, Little Bonnie, and Sheila. They are visiting again in the interrogation room. Does Bonnie ever go to a cell? Sheila seems to be hip to Bonnie's scheme, as she surprisingly comments about how much Bonnie seems to like Little Bonnie. Bonnie's like what? Sheila is not buying any of this nonsense, and neither is Chloe, who looks A.MAZ.ING. Chloe thinks Bonnie could fake a DNA test, especially since she figured out a way to switch places with Adrienne with no one the wiser.  Bonnie reminds Chloe that she "laid down with that man" and created Little Bonnie”! Chloe and Bonnie continue to try to one up each other, but the Chloe tells Bonnie that she stabbed El Fideo. Bonnie doesn't buy it . . . while Chloe is in the room. Once she leaves, you can tell Bonnie is considering the possibility that Chloe could slay more than a high "C". 

In the squad room, Eli is calling Lani who is outside of Brady Pub. She chooses to ignore that call and Eli is none to happy. Just then, JJ walks out of the Pub to talk to his clearly conflicted ex-girlfriend. 

Back to the squad room. Eli is telling Sheila all of the dirt on what went down with him and Lani and their ill-fated baby. Sheila can't see it. Eli asks Sheila if she's headed back to Chicago after she finishes with Little Bonnie. Sheila doesn't think so. Stay, Sheila, stay! Honestly, Sheila and Bonnie could have their own little online show. Seriously, DAYS needs some special online content. Little five minute, online specials could be gold!

At the Horton/Deveraux household that "slight" girl Abigail is talking on the phone to Chad, who is sipping java at the Kiriakis mansion. The two are planning a picnic with baby Thomas. and Chad proclaims, "daddy is bringing the sunshine." Wait, Ben is going to join them on the picnic? That could be awkward. I kid. I kid.  Don't come for me #Chabby fans! As the scene concludes, Gabi lurks in the background clearly determined to ruin all of the fun . . . and won't it be delicious to watch?

We get a reminder that a few weeks, er, um, a few days ago, Gabi planted Gabby's black wig in Abigail's bedroom. In "present" day, Gabi talks to Chad about his upcoming festivities with his little family, but doesn't miss an opportunity to remind him that Abigail is carrying Stefan's baby. Side note #1: I really wish Gabi would reunite with Kate and Sami so they could see how their protégé has honed the scheming skills she learned from their glorious example. Side note #2: Where is Kate? In these last few glorious weeks of story, Kate is glaringly missing. As Chad goes to leave, Gabi asks to borrow his keys because Arianna Grace glued hers. She used Arianna Grace to further her plot for revenge. I love it. At the end of the scene, Gabi calls someone to help her. Please let it be Kate!

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Over at the hospital, Gabi is talking to Kayla about medication to help her sleep. She remarks that it is safe during pregnancy . . . not that she has to be worried about that anymore. Kayla thinks Gabi should talk to somebody, but Gabi says she's more a woman of action when the chips are down. We then get a very small edition of "Gabi's audible monologues". These monologues are so ridiculously soapy. I should hate them, but Camilla Banus makes me love them. 

Gabi makes her way over to the Horton house and puts the contents of several of the sleeping pills in Abigail's hot tea. Then, she runs upstairs.  Honestly, Gabi must have the quietest high heel shoes on the planet. Wouldn't those floors in Alice Horton's house be creaking by now? Back in the living room, Abigail takes a big ole gulp of that pilled-up tea. 

The beginning of today's conclusion features Lani and Eli meeting in the park.  

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Abe leaves to answer a phone call whilst a ravenous Sheila wants everything on the menu . . . but she has no money. Fortunately, Abe left his wallet on the table. Just as Sheila is about to gank that green, Abe catches her in the act. 

Back at the police station, Bonnie tells Little Bonnie the truth is about to drop.  

Meanwhile at the hospital, Kayla appears to give the paternity results to an anxious Lucas and Chloe. 

In Horton Square, Chad sits waiting for Abigail while she lay sleeping on the Horton couch. The episode concludes with Gabi observing her prey.

That's it! We have completed another day in Salem. What did you think of this eventful Wednesday in Salem? Sound off in the comments.