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Perkie's Observations: Kiki and Ava Take Their Feud Public on General Hospital

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Michelle Stafford, Kirsten Storms, Maura West, Hayley Erin

Michelle Stafford, Kirsten Storms, Maura West, Hayley Erin

Curtis updates Valentin on Sasha. He says she only took the DNA test to disprove she's Nina's daughter. Valentin tells him to have the test done at two separate labs. Curtis wants to know when he plans on telling Nina. Valentin wants to wait for DNA confirmation first.

Nina wants details from Maxie about the elevator incident. Maxie says Peter had a PTSD attack and she talked him through it. Nina wonders what Maxie's feelings are for Peter. Maxie says they're complicated. She felt empty after Nathan's death and Peter was there for her. Maxie says she relied on Peter's friendship and she doesn't blame him for Nathan's death.

Lulu is meeting with Peter. She insists the Ryan story be told in a respectful way for the victims. Peter agrees and thinks he should reach out to Felicia to reassure her. Lulu sees that as a chance for him to get closer to Maxie.

Peter wants to give his friendship with Maxie a chance. Lulu says Maxie is vulnerable and is just starting to climb out of the hole of grief. Lulu tells Peter to prove he's a decent guy and stay away from Maxie.

Griffin tells Kiki that someone spoke to the Archdiocese and now he's barred from the Catholic Church. Kiki knows it was Ava. She's upset her mother is punishing Griffin because of her. Kiki refuses to let her mother ruin Griffin's life.

Carly runs into Michael at the hospital and is still concerned he's not processing his grief as she feels he should. Carly reminds him that Nelle was able to get to her because she hadn't come to terms with her grief about Morgan. Michael says he's dealing it in his own way.

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Julian wants Ava's design ideas for his renovations. He mentions he won't be serving Corinthos coffee anymore. Ava figures it has something to do with the dead body in the basement.

Alexis shows up with her own questions about the body. She asks if Julian had anything to do with it. Julian points out the body has been there for years. He couldn't possibly have had anything to do with it. Alexis brings up her concerns with Kristina's employment. Julian says he's not involved with the mob and Kristina was determined. Julian promises to keep an eye on her for Alexis.

Lucas and Wylie run into Michael and Carly after his check up. When Lucas is briefly called away, Michael offers to hold Wylie for him.

Kiki finds Ava at the pub and accuses her of destroying Griffin's life. Ava says Griffin is the one to blame for his troubles. Kiki hauls off and smacks Ava. It's witnessed by Julian, Alexis, Nina and Maxie. The two argue a bit more before Kiki tells her mother to stay out of her life.

When Ava leaves the bar, Nina stops her. Ava thinks it's to gloat, but Nina just can't understand why Ava would be so harsh to her own daughter. Nina tells her to go and apologize to Kiki, but Ava tells her to mind her own beeswax.

Maxie stops by Peter and Lulu's table, so Peter instantly gets up and leaves. Maxie wonders why. Lulu says Peter knows Maxie doesn't want him in her life. Maxie doesn't look so sure.

Lucy's helping Griffin find an apartment, but everything seems to be out of his price range. She finds him one in Kiki's building, which is conveniently down the hall. Griffin stops by Kiki's to tell her he's her new neighbor and to complain about the heat (why is the heat on when it's still hot out?). The two share a moment.

Lucas returns to take Wylie. He's chatting with Carly. The pediatrician catches him to say something troubling was found in some of Wylie's tests. She tells him she's called in a specialist.