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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Looks to Sonny for Answers on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Briana Nicole Henry, Maurice Benard

Steve Burton, Briana Nicole Henry, Maurice Benard

Monica is the specialist brought in to consult on Wylie's case. She explains the baby might have a birth defect. He will need an echocardiogram to check it out. Lucas and Monica head out with the baby. Brad stays back with Carly and worries.

Michael runs into Maxie and the adorable baby James. He offers to hold the baby while she gets herself organized. The two talk about babies and loss. Michael says the one thing that upsets him the most is not knowing who Jonah would have become. (If this is a chem test between these two I'm not feeling it.)

Jason worries that Julian is now in control. Sonny wants to give him money just to shut him up about Mike's involvement in the explosion.

Ava complains to Julian about Kiki, but he defends her. He says it was just a one night stand and Ava did worse with Morgan. Julian says Kiki stood by her mother after the fire. Ava agrees and says she loves Kiki and swears she won't lose her daughter because of Griffin.

Kiki and Griffin sit half naked around the hot apartment while waiting for the super to come up and fix the radiator. (Here's a crazy thought, how about opening a window to cool the place down).

Stella comes by to talk to Mike about the facility brochures. Mike says he needs to go to a place where the family will be protected from him. Mike explains he abandoned Sonny as a child and it's haunted him ever since. He wants Stella's help in leaving, and getting Sonny to let him go.

Carly comforts Brad while they wait for the baby's test results. He says all he ever wanted was to give Lucas a family. Monica returns and tells them that the baby has an abnormality in the structure of his heart.

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Monica says he may need medicine, surgery, or that it could go away on its own. Carly mentions Michael had the same defect at birth. Monica says A.J. did as well, but surgery may not be necessary for Wylie.

Lucas wonders why this didn't come up during the adoption process and wonders if there is anything else the birth mother didn't tell them. Carly thinks they need to contact the mother to find out if she left anything else out of the baby's medical history.

Jason stops by the pub to give Julian hush money. Julian wonders if there is a deeper message. He says he isn't a threat to Sonny. He claims he lost the taste for the business when he was released from prison.

Julian points out that Drew loved Sam enough to get out of the business. He questions whether Jason loves her enough not to pull her back in. Jason says it's up to Sam. (In other words, he doesn't give a crap about the danger to Sam and his boys, as long as he's serving at the knee of the sainted Sonny.)

Ava shows up at Kiki's to apologize. She hugs her and says she got carried away. Ava then spots Griffin in the background and gets angry again. The two argue back and forth. Griffin says Ava's just upset because he's not lying in a gutter somewhere. Kiki calls her mother selfish. Ava declares she's done with both.

Ava heads back to the bar to tell Julian that Kiki is no longer her daughter and calls her the enemy.

Jordan shows up to ask Mike more questions about the body, but Sonny doesn't want her bothering his father. Jordan says they have the ballistics report. The gun was used in a gangland shooting in Brooklyn 30 years ago. She knows Mike was from Brooklyn.

Sonny says Mike is not a killer and doesn't have a connection to the body. Jordan gets a call and tells him that they've identified the body.