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Perkie's Observations: Cam Tells Oscar Something He Didn't Know on General Hospital

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Garren Stitt, William Lipton

Garren Stitt, William Lipton

Cam joins Oscar and Joss at a clothing drive, but Cam spends his time snarking at Oscar. Oscar doesn't understand why since he thought they had patched up their differences. Joss calls Cam out on his crap. Cam claims Oscar is lying to her.

Drew stops by to see Franco. The two discuss Oscar and how upset Drew is that he can't save his son. Drew says Oscar doesn't know, but he wants to tell him despite Kim's denial. Franco asks if Drew would want to know and Drew admits he would. Then, he could spend more time with his kids and make things right with Sam.

Sonny tells Jason they need to find the gun since it's the only thing that connects him to the body.

Margaux runs into Sam and tries to get information from her. Sam quickly shuts her down. Sam then heads over to Sonny's to warn him and Jason that Margaux is gunning for them. Sam asks what happened at Charlie's, but the boys don't share any info.

As she's leaving, Sam tells Jason to make plans with Danny. Jason promises the body at Charlie's has nothing to do with her and nothing will take him away. Sam says he can't promise that, then tells him to make peace with Drew.

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Jordan's got an ID on the dead body. She has Margaux join her to discuss the case. The two go back and forth on how the body is connected to Scully. They wonder how Mike is involved.

Finn and Anna are waiting for Chase to join them for lunch. Finn's father Gregory shows up unannounced. He claims he's in a town for a few days. Chase is thrilled when he arrives and finds his father there. Finn however, is suspicious. Gregory admits he's been feeling sick lately and is in town to have Finn check him out. At first, Finn says there would be ethical issues, but Chase poo-poos that. Finn agrees to have his father checked out.

Liz admits to Kim she told Franco about Oscar, but swears Franco won't say anything. Kim is less than thrilled thinking Oscar will find out. She claims she'll tell Oscar after his birthday. Liz says Kim has friends and doesn't have to carry all of this herself.

Drew goes to Kim and says he wants them to tell Oscar now, together. Otherwise, he'll do it himself.

Cam continues to be a little snot towards Oscar, who wants to know why. Cam says Oscar should tell Joss the truth about his cancer.

Jordan and Margaux call Sonny down to the station for questioning. Jordan says they have an ID on the body and his name is Vincent Marino. Sonny claims not to know the name. Margaux announces it was her father.