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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer Rose Spills an Entire Kettle of Tea All Over Grandma Alice's Living Room

Melissa Reeves, Greg Vaughan

Melissa Reeves, Greg Vaughan

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: Happy Monday! Today's recap is going to be brief because I'm only working off the clip - my Monday episode isn't available. This week in Salem begins right where we left off with Hattie-lena. She's playing it up in front of Belle to convince John they should get married . . . Right Now. Belle is just happy her momma isn't calling her out for trying to pull the plug. John is trying to play along so as not to raise suspicions. Hattie-lena has Mr. John Black right where she wants him.

At the Salem PD, Shawn D wants to talk to Rafe about Ben Weston. I imagine he wants to talk more about how he suspects his mother has gone all Nighttime Hope/Princess Gina by planting evidence on our favorite serial killer to keep him away from Ciara and Claire. Side note: Y'all know Claire is an afterthought in all of this because half the time Hope doesn't seem to want to remember she has a granddaughter. Poor Claire Bear. Thank goodness her Grandma Marlena is still in the land of the living.  

Meanwhile, in what sort of looks like the warehouse where Yo Ling held Paul hostage, Ciara is polishing her daddy's bike - which Ben brought back to life. Hope enters just in time to comfort her and remind her there are stranglebaes all over the place who will try to take advantage of kind-hearted people like Ciara Alice Brady. Every time Hope hugs someone, I half expect her to be smiling into the camera.  

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At the Salem Inn, Eve is lounging on the bed thinking about how she manipulated Jennifer Rose into keeping her "dried up" mouth shut. In walks Brady, wearing only a towel. I'm not mad at it. Eve has a feeling they're going to make it. Brady doesn't really get it, but they're all nekkid in the bed, so he doesn't really question Eve's words. 

At the Horton house, Jennifer is in the midst of revealing to Eric she is a big, fat liar. She needs Eric to know the truth. To rub salt in the wound, Eric tells Jennifer that she couldn't tell him anything that would make him stop loving her. Oh Eric, your world is about to turn upside down!

I suspect Jennifer Rose told Eric all about Nicole and Brady today, but I haven't seen it. I'm depending on you all to fill me in on the other juicy details of today's episode. What else happened that caught your attention? Sound off in the comments below!

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