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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Wants Mike to Tell Him About the Gun on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Steve Burton, Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Oscar claims he doesn't have cancer, but he's simply hypoglycemic. Cam explains how he came to that theory, but Oscar accuses him of jumping to conclusions. Oscar says his parents would have told him, so Cam agrees he must have been mistaken. Oscar takes off.

Margaux says her father was Scully's lawyer and Sonny worked for him as well. Sonny says it's all a coincidence. Margaux says the gun was also used to kill someone else who had ties to Scully. She's determined to get justice for her father.

Jason says he and Drew can't be in the same room together. Sam says Drew is dealing with something, but she can't reveal it. She tells Jason to be more present, even with the Quartermaines. Jason agrees he'll do his best. (Don't strain a muscle there, Jase.)

Drew feels keeping the secret from Oscar is not right, despite Kim's pleas to the contrary. Terry arrives and tells them they need to make a decision. She explains that Oscar's tumor is in a spot of the brain that can't be operated on. Terry says there is a clinical trial. Drew wants to know the downside.

Terry says the treatment could either shrink the tumor or kill Oscar. She feels Oscar is a good candidate and could be in a trial before the end of the year. Drew and Kim agree to have Terry start the paperwork to get the screening process started.

Franco runs into Carly at the community center and jokes about Cam and Joss' shoplifting. Carly gets angry. She bad mouths Liz and feels Cam is pushing back. Carly swears she won't let Liz hurt Joss' feelings. (What was this scene about? It's one thing for Carly to be a biatch with Liz in a scene, but to bad mouth her when there's been no reason for it seemed unnecessary on the part of the writers. It made me want to smack Carly, Queen of the Hypocrites.)

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After Sonny leaves, Jordan questions why Margaux didn't immediately tell her who the victim was. Jordan thinks Margaux needs help dealing with this, but all Margaux wants is to nail whoever killed her father. Margaux realizes they've been looking at Mike all this time, but wonders if it's possible if Sonny was the killer.

When Sonny gets home, he wants details from Mike. Mike goes through all the details again. Sonny asks what Mike did with the gun. Mike's confusion kicks in and claims he knows nothing about a gun.

Curtis updates Sam on the case for Nina's daughter. He brings up Drew, mentioning he seems preoccupied. Sam admits something is up with Drew, but tells Curtis not to push and just be his friend. Curtis asks about Jason, but Sam warns him to back off.

Franco and Cam get into it. Franco says he's not just a temp in their lives and he hopes they can mutually respect each other. Franco lays it on thick that life is unpredictable. Franco gets a call from Liz. She's having drinks with Terry. Cam eavesdrops and hears that Terry is Oscar's doctor. When Franco gets off the phone, Cam asks what kind of doctor she is. Franco tells him she's a pediatric oncologist.

Joss and Carly discuss boys and how to tell when you're in love. Carly tells Joss not to hang on too tight. (UUhhmm Carly, Michael called, he's trying to untie those strings you have attached to him.)

Oscar storms into his mother's office and demands answers. Kim admits he has a brain tumor, which could get worse. Drew counters there are treatment options. Oscar asks if he's going to die.

Sonny tells Jason his father failed him as a child, but it wouldn't have mattered. He would have followed the same path. Sonny specifically says he would have killed Marino anyway. (So, it took them less than 6 months to change the story from Sonny only disposing of the body to Sonny killing him. Are they aware they changed the story, and if yes, why?)