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Perkie's Observations: Auntie Stella Can't Give an Inch to Jordan and Curtis on General Hospital

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Vernee Watson-Johnson, Briana Nicole Henry

Vernee Watson-Johnson, Briana Nicole Henry

Kim admits to Oscar the tumor could be fatal. Oscar asks how long she's known. Kim is forced to admit she's known for two years. Oscar gets upset, but Kim says she's exploring treatment options.

Oscar says he hates Kim and what she's done. Drew tries to defend Kim's actions, but is forced to admit he's known since Oscar's last hospital visit. Oscar says he had a right to know.

Jason updates Carly on the latest with the dead body. He tells her no one knows where the gun went. Jason also tells her about Margaux's connection. Carly worries there will be an all out war. Jason warns Carly to keep her nose clean, so she doesn't give the DA anymore leverage.

Brad explains Wylie's heart defect to Julian. He adds that Lucas wants medical information from the birth mother. Brad wants Julian to reach out to the mother again. He wants to know if she had a birth defect. Julian says it could be from the father's side and he won't seek out the mother. Julian says Brad will do nothing, since it will make things worse.

Curtis tells Valentin there are still no DNA results for Nina's daughter. He still believes Nina should know they're searching. Valentin promises to tell her once they know the results. Curtis accuses Valentin of wanting to orchestrate a reunion, but Valentin swears he only wants more information before bringing it to Nina.

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Jordan wants to make peace with Stella since it puts Curtis in the middle. Jordan apologizes for how badly things went during the counseling session and wants to forge a new beginning for all of them. She wants to honor their past and lay it to rest for Curtis and TJ's sake.

Stella refuses to meet Jordan halfway, continuing to blame her for Thomas' and his mother's deaths. Jordan calls Stella a hypocrite since it's her job as a social worker to help people. She says Stella refuses to fix her own family. Stella says she won't attend the wedding since she doesn't approve.

Curtis arrives as Stella is storming away from Jordan. Jordan says she tried to make up with Stella, but his auntie refused. Jordan wonders if Curtis can live without his aunt in his life. Curtis says he loves Jordan, and is certain there is still time for Stella to change her mind.

Nina and Charlotte spend the day clothes shopping, then enjoy a dessert at the pub. Charlotte doesn't understand about the divorce. Nina does her best to explain how she can't be married to Papa anymore.

Michael gets home as Carly is telling Jason about Wylie's heart condition. Michael says he researched the condition in order to get a full medical history for Jonah. Carly explains how Jason was forced to make the decision for Michael to have the surgery when he was a baby.

Carly says she was overwhelmed by it all. She took off, leaving Jason to take care of Michael. Michael finds it odd that the birth mother wouldn't have disclosed the information. Jason says she may not have known and it could have come from the birth father.

Oscar says his mother failed him and betrayed him. He adds that not telling him the truth was cruel. He feels he should have known he was living on borrowed time and he can't trust his parents anymore. Kim tries to hang onto him, but Oscar takes off. He breaks down in the elevator.