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Perkie's Observations: Brad Seeks Out Help from Alexis on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Parry Shen

Nancy Lee Grahn, Parry Shen

Oscar spends the night out, which worries Drew and Kim. They call the police when Oscar doesn't show up the next day. Chase questions them on why Oscar would run away. Kim says Oscar is sick and he felt betrayed, so he ran off. Chase tells them to reach out to friends.

Joss is worried when Oscar doesn't show up at school or return her texts. Cam says Oscar is sick, but then he backpedals. Joss wants to know what Cam knows, but he doesn't tell her.

Oscar runs into Jason on the docks. He asks what it's like to die, since Jason was shot. Jason doesn't remember much other getting shot and falling into the water. Oscar tells him he's dying from a brain tumor. Jason says Oscar needs more information, but Oscar doesn't want to know any details. Jason tells him to call his parents since they are likely worried.

Alexis is concerned about Kris working for Julian, but Kris says she's trying to support herself. Once Kris is out of the room, Sam reminds her mother she was supposed to back off and give Kris some space. Alexis wants more for Kris than being a bartender.

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Finn and Anna spend a quiet day together. Anna brings up Gregory's case, but Finn says he has to remain objective to treat his father. Finn doesn't want to compromise his care and wants to maintain an appropriate distance. Chase gets a call from Robert and heads over to speak with Anna.

Brad asks to meet with Alexis and tells her about Wylie's heart condition. He wonders why it wasn't in the mother's medical records. Alexis reaches out to Diane. She tells Brad the mother disclosed everything she knew, so the heart condition is likely from the birth father's side. Brad worries the father will now come forward for the baby, but Alexis says he also had 30 days to contest the adoption. She reassures him there is no need to worry about the birth father.

Kim calls Joss, who still hasn't heard from Oscar. Cam gets a text from Liz asking the same thing.

Julian worries when he hasn't heard from Kim all night. He heads over to the hospital. He finds her and Drew waiting to hear from Oscar. Kim's upset and says she can't talk. Julian pushes, so Drew steps in and tells him to give Kim space.

Kim gets a call from Oscar. She and Drew find him on the docks.

Jason shows up at Sam's door, wanting to talk.