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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Awakens, Hattie Weds, and Ciara LIES

Victoria Konefal

Victoria Konefal

On today's Days of Our Lives Recap: Our day in Salem begins with Stefan heading through the tunnels under the DiMera mansion. He's taking breakfast to his sister Kristen. He opens the door and is all kinds of confused when Samantha Gene Brady is sitting there. She looks down at the tray and just starts in on Stefan with, "I didn't know Kristen liked muffins." Stefan is not giving up Kristen, but he's also not giving in to Sami's shenanigans. Stefan wants to fire Harold (it was so great to see Harold on Thursday!), but Sami tells him that would be stupid because Harold doesn't know she is there. They go back and forth a few more times. Stefan denies Kristen was there. Sami calls bullshit.

At University Hospital, Hattie is LIVING FOR HERSELF. She is primping in a mirror and basking in the glow of her impending nuptials. Kristen walks in and shoots all that basking and glowing to hell. She's got a gun and she wants to finish off Marlena once and for all. Hattie works very hard to convince Kristen that she's not Dr. Marlena Evans. She explains that Roman and Kayla busted her out of the pokey so they could stash Marlena somewhere else to give her time to hopefully wake up. Hattie also thinks Kristen should believe her because, ya know, they're both doppelgängers. Kristen exits, but reminds Hattie to keep her trap shut. 

In the construction zone, Roman and John are watching over Marlena and discussing the Hattie situation. John is all freaked out because Hattie is insisting on a wedding and has gotten Belle get on board. In fact, she's probably getting Abraham to come to the hospital right now to perform the ceremony. Roman and John agree they underestimated Hattie. Roman reminds John he shouldn't fret because the wedding license will have Marlena's name on it and not Hattie's. It won't be legal! What did they just say about not underestimating Hattie? 

Side note: I got really annoyed when Roman admitted to John that Hattie was right in thinking they were going to throw her back in prison after she had served her purpose. What the hell, Roman? While we're on this subject, why isn't there an APB out on Hattie and Roman? Roman told the prison he was transferring Hattie to another facility. It's been a minute. Nobody's curious? In a previous article, I referred to #HortonPrivilege, but I believe we have to add #BradyPrivilege as well. Kayla is stashing folks under the hospital. Roman is snatching people out of prison. Ain't nobody getting punished . . . yet. Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox now. 

Back upstairs, John and Hattie are talking about the wedding. Hattie wants John to sign a new marriage license. Not dumb, our Hattie. John keeps trying to put her off. Hattie threatens to call Belle and Eric, and whichever other children Dr. Marlena Evans has whose names she can't remember right now, and tell them about all of the scheming that John, Kayla, and Roman have been doing. John backs down . . . as he should. 

Abe and Belle show up and it's time to start the proceedings! Hattie calls Belle over and calls her "my lawyer daughter" and thanks her for throwing the wedding together so quickly. She remarks that Belle is almost as good at throwing together a wedding as she was pulling the plug on her own mother. I love Hattie's digs. Abe tells Hattie that "Val" will be coming by to see her after her shift. Of course, Hattie has no idea who Abe is talking about, but plays it off by pretending she thought he said, "Al". Just then, Sami walks it and Hattie puts her hands up and screams, "Don't Shoot!" It was kind of awesome. Belle looks annoyed at Sami's presence. Sami says she is fine with being excluded – she’s used to it. Really, Sami? I love Sami to death, but sometimes . . .  Anyway, Sami has to dash because she needs to find that "psycho . . . woman" that put Marlena in the hospital. Hattie says, “You mean you?” John tries to get her to stay. Hattie wants to get back to it.

At the Salem PD, Hope is wondering why Rafe is getting phone calls from Shawn D. Rafe hems and haws, but eventually gives up the goods. Shawn D. is investigating whether or not the evidence is planted. They go back and forth for quite a while. At one point, Hope swears on their love, which almost made me spit out my drink . . . but I was enjoying my drink, so I thought better of it. As they are about to leave, Shawn D. calls and tells Rafe he thinks the evidence was planted.

At the same time, Tripp and Ciara are bonding. Ciara is filling him in on why she treated him badly before her motorcycle accident. They talked a LOT about Chase, which led me to wonder if we are about to see the character return to Salem. She's relating being fooled by Chase to being fooled by Ben. She then tells Tripp she never felt anything for Ben except gratitude, and she doesn't even feel that any more. Hold up, Ciara Alice Brady! You are a lie and the truth ain't in you. We saw those smoldering looks. We saw those infectious smiles. We don't believe for one minute that Ciara would turn off her feelings that quickly. What I do believe is that she would turn to Tripp in an attempt to lose herself in a "good guy" - little does she know - and drown out her feelings for Ben. Ciara asks Tripp to take her to the bedroom just as Shawn D. is figuring out that Ben has been set up (see above).  

At the end of our episode, Sami returns to the mansion to a thrilled Stefan . . . I believe his response was, "Oh goodie!" Sami is not leaving until Stefan spills all of the tea about Kristen.

Over at the hospital, John and Hattie are pronounced husband and wife. At the same time downstairs, Marlena wakes up! It's just in time to see Kristen walk in with a gun . . . 

And that's it! Another week in Salem comes to a close. What did you think? What did you love? What did you hate? Sound off in the comments!

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