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Perkie's Observations: Anna Jumps Into Action on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Finola Hughes, Michael Easton

Chase tells Anna that Robert has been trying to reach her. The WSB has a lead on Liesl, but it's out of the PCPD's jurisdiction.

Jason tells Sam he knows about Oscar and relays their conversation on the docks. Sam feels it's a good thing the two ran into each other. Sam knows this will devastate Monica. Jason agrees to try and be more present for his mother.

Maxie wants Kiki to appear in Crimson as the strong woman who won a lawsuit. Kiki doesn't want that kind of attention because she's had enough scrutiny. Maxie says Kiki came out stronger and wants to honor her.

Peter runs into Kevin. He wants a prescription to help him sleep at night to deal with his trauma. Maxie interrupts to say Peter needs help with his PTSD. Kevin agrees to see Peter as a patient, but can't prescribe anything without a session. After Kevin leaves, Maxie questions Peter, but he says she's better off staying out of his life and walks off.

Lulu meets with Felicia to talk about the Ryan Chamberlain project. Felicia says Ryan was evil. She doesn't want to turn him into a pop icon. Lulu promises to profile all of the victims and get ahead of the media frenzy. Felicia declares she's not a victim because she beat Ryan.

Lucy and Mac hang out while waiting for Kevin and Felicia to join them for lunch. Lucy's concerned about Kevin's state of mind because Laura's been gone for so long.

Ava and Franco celebrate the money he received from the sale of one of his paintings. Ava talks about Kiki. She explains how she tried to make amends, but still found her with Griffin. Ava says she's washing her hands of Kiki.

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Kiki and Griffin agree to meet for lunch. She tells him about the Crimson story and how she doesn't want to do it. Griffin tells her that it's a good idea.

Finn is not happy to see Anna planning to go after Liesl, especially with Cassandra still on the loose. He wants to go with her, but Anna talks him out of it. She asks Finn to keep an eye on Peter instead.

Maxie confronts Lulu and asks if she told Peter to back off. Lulu says Peter is muddying the waters, but Maxie tells her to butt out.

Ryan mistakes Ava for Felicia. When Felicia arrives for lunch, Ryan has all eyes on her. Felicia mentions the article about Ryan and declares she's not a victim. Lucy notices Kevin's behaving a little off. She says she knows when he's not himself.

Peter overhears Finn complaining to Chase about Anna going after Liesl. He doesn't understand why it has to be Anna. Finn says Anna will do anything to protect Peter and wonders how often Anna has to risk her life for him.

Griffin stops by to see Anna to complain about his lot in life. Anna says he's done well and he has to see how things pan out.

Peter leaves a voicemail for Anna to be safe. Peter runs into Maxie again. He tells her about Liesl and wants to warn Nina as well. Maxie reassures him that Anna will do everything to protect him.

Anna finds Finn and thanks him for reaching out to Peter.

Kiki and Griffin run into Franco and Ava at the bar. The two decide to stay for lunch, which angers Ava even more. Franco reminds her she loves Kiki, but Ava says Kiki is rubbing it in her face. Ava says if Kiki gets hurt, she'll have only herself to blame.