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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Walks Marlena Down Memory Lane . . . at Gunpoint

Stacy Haiduk, Josh Taylor, Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall

Stacy Haiduk, Josh Taylor, Mary Beth Evans, Deidre Hall

We begin another week in Salem with Tripp and Ciara repeating the reference to Chase, again . . . Ciara wants Tripp to "make love" to her. Because most 20 year olds ask their hot boyfriends to "make love" to them . . . that's a thing, right? Ciara wants to head up to the bedroom and Tripp wants to make it special. That baby has been in Salem for a full two years, and while he has managed to almost kill three people in an effort to gaslight his stepmother, he has not actually engaged in the sex. He may have forgotten how to flip the switch.

Tripp doesn't want to pressure Ciara because of what happened with Chase (there's that name again). Ciara continues to to LIE to Tripp about her feelings for Ben. Tripp says he doesn't want Ciara to think she owes him anything - which is kind of a weird line. They go back and forth a bit more. Tripp wants to go clean up his room, but Ciara is ready and pulls him into her room. Oh Lord, here comes the music to accompany the "lovemaking". I really miss the days when they could use an actual pop or R&B song for these scenes. Can you imagine if they used a Claire Bear track?

Basking in the afterglow, Ciara and Tripp talk about the magic they made and exchange "I love yous". Lord have mercy, when Ben shows up at that loft and gets a whiff of what happened . . . 

At the Salem PD, Rafe tells Hope the evidence against Ben was planted because the fingerprint was transferred from another surface. Hope refuses to believe her own son and thinks the lab has made a mistake. Rafe is trying to reason with her. She finally admits she knew deep down the evidence was planted - which leads one to wonder why the police commissioner was so quick to put Ben away. Rafe says whoever planted that evidence has ruined the whole case. They have to let Ben go. Hope is not happy and still wants to hold Ben. Rafe's wisdom prevails - a scary thought.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami wants to know what Kristen said about EJ. Stefan said they didn't talk about EJ, but she did tell him what a complete whack job Sami is. He questions whether Sami actually shot someone in the . . . Sami admits she did, but says he deserved it. For those who don't know, Sami is referring to Alan Harris, who raped Sami when she was a teenager. He tried to rape her a second time and Sami shot him in the groin. Sami is not up for any of this jabbering. She just wants to find out about EJ. Stefan lies like a rug when he tells Sami that Kristen didn't say anything about EJ. Sami decides to use her gift of manipulation to try to bond with Stefan by comparing him to EJ, while playing the children card. Sami is good. Stefan doesn't really understand why Sami thinks he would help her. Sami says fine how about some cold hard cash. She'll give him half EJ's fortune and all she wants in return is every detail he knows about EJ.

At University Hospital, Abe tells John he can kiss the bride! It's not polite to keep the lady waiting. John is "savoring the moment". Hattie wants Belle to take a picture and lays one on John. Belle brought champagne to celebrate the event. Hattie is ready to party! Belle asks her mom if she remembers what she told her on the day she married Shawn D. Of course, Hattie is like, er, um . . . She reminds her mom she told Belle she was happy that she and Shawn D. had another chance, which is what she wanted for her and John.

Abe has to go back to being mayor, but before he goes Hattie wants him to sign the marriage license. Hattie puts her hand over her name and holds the paper for Abe so he can sign it. Afterwards, John tries to keep Abe around, but Hattie wants folks to head out so they can discuss their honeymoon. Before he leaves, John gives Abe an extended handshake. I'm wondering if anyone else thinks John slipped Abraham a note to keep him from filing the license?

Hattie declares she is never parting with her ring . . . EVER. Belle and John get a moment together to clear the air - and Hattie gets a moment to steal the bottle of champagne. Hattie thanks Belle for the wedding and tells her they are even from the whole pulling the plug debacle. Half the joy of these scenes is John's reaction in the background to the insanity that pours from Hattie's mouth.

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In the construction zone, Marlena has awakened. Side note: Wouldn't Marlena be struggling against the ventilator? She does for a minute, but then is okay. Just a thought. Anyway, Kristen is going in on Marlena for leaving her for dead in Italy. She wants to punish Marlena, but doesn't have time to draw it out - quick and dirty - she's gonna finish the job that Sami botched.

Kristen does decide to take the time to tell Marlena what she really thinks. Kristen hates how Marlena corrects everyone's grammar, "You're educated. We get it." She really hates the "nauseating" way John calls her "Doc". Kristen reminds Marlena she loved both John and Brady, and she took both of them away from her. Which reminds us she has bedded both the father and the son. Kristen says that she is going to miss Marlena as she raises the gun to shoot . . . but, no! In walks Kayla . . . drat, foiled again.

In the construction zone, Kayla is reminding Kristen the machines are monitoring every change in Marlena's condition. All kinds of people will race down to check on her if something registers. Kristen condescendingly reminds Kayla this whole operation is secret and raises the gun again . . . just as Roman lurks over her shoulder.

Kristen tries to get Kayla to leave so she can finish off Marlena. Kayla sits on the bed in front of her and says, "You'll have to kill us both." Kristen is all like  . . . fine, whatever and raises the gun to shoot. Kayla buys 30 seconds by telling Kristen she wants to say goodbye to Marlena . . . just enough time for Roman to sneak up on Kristen and grab the gun. You know Eric learned that careless move of grabbing someone's arm when there's a gun involved from his daddy Roman.

We begin the ending of today in Salem at the DiMera mansion with Sami reminding Stefan he could impress the DiMera board by bringing back the fortune that was lost. Stefan starts to tell Sami about EJ, but decides the information is more powerful than the money. Sami is not amused.

At the loft, Tripp and Ciara enjoy a little post-coital quiche . . . just as Ben walks in the door.

At University Hospital, Hattie begins to talk of consummating the marriage. Then she has a reminder for John . . . though her body and soul belong to Roman Brady, she will remain faithful to John while they are married.

In the construction zone, Roman and Kristen struggle over the gun. Kayla moves to protect Marlena with her body, I guess. Just then, the gun goes off!

That's it! We've concluded yet another day in Salem, USA. What did you think of Monday's episode? Sound off in the comments!