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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Gets a Jolt on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Valentin doesn't want Nina to sign the divorce papers and doesn't want the marriage to end. Nina reminds him she can't get past what he's done and their marriage is over.

Lucy thinks "Kevin" feels feverish and she needs to take care of him since Laura is away. Ryan claims he can take care of himself. Lulu arrives. Lucy asks Lulu when her mother is expected home to take care of "Kevin", but Lulu doesn't know Laura's agenda.

Jason lets Carly know he's been brought down to the station for questioning, but not to worry. Diane's associate is there. Jason tells Henry to shut down the DA's questions since he won't be talking anyway.

When Jordan and Margaux show up, Henry feels the DA needs to recuse herself. Jordan promises that Margaux will step back if needed, but right now, they are still gathering answers.

Margaux goes on the attack. She tells Jason since he knows where all the bodies are buried, he should start talking if he doesn't want her looking too closely at Mike. Jason refuses to speak, which angers Margaux even more.

Margaux accuses Jason of killing on Sonny's orders. She wonders where the honor is in that. Henry cuts the interview short and drags Jason out of there.

Lulu stops by to say hi to Mike before heading out. Carly mentions that Mike is pretty lucid today. Mike says they need to talk about what's next. He feels it's time for him to get professional help and he wants to try out one of day programs.

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Lulu meets with Nina. They start off discussing Valentin and the divorce. Lulu feels the relationship is toxic and Nina should go through with the divorce. Nina worries she'll lose her relationship with Charlotte and should stay.

Lulu then discusses Charlotte and how her teacher feels she's too assertive and bossy. Nina doesn't see that as a bad thing. She thinks it makes Charlotte a leader.

Curtis has the DNA results from the first lab. Valentin reads them and learns that Sasha is Nina's daughter, but he' s suddenly not sure and wants to wait for the second lab's results. Curtis is certain the second lab will say the same thing and wants Nina told. Valentin promises to tell Nina, but doesn't want Sasha to know anything yet. He feels it should be Nina's decision.

Carly passes "Kevin's" table. Ryan is tapping his fingers. She tells "Kevin" he's tapping "help me" in morse code like the patient in the room beside hers. Ryan dismisses it. Carly says she still has nightmares from her time in Ferncliff and thinks she needs to continue therapy. Ryan tells her to call his office for an appointment. This confuses Carly, who thought "Kevin" would happily delve deeper.

Jordan thinks Margaux needs to recuse herself because she crossed a line today. Margaux declares she'll bring her father's murderer to justice. Jordan says Margaux needs to accept this murder may go unsolved, but Margaux says she has another way to nail Sonny.

Jason updates Carly and Mike on the case. He says everything will be fine as long as no one finds the gun. Mike has clarity and says he remembers he threw the gun into the Hudson.

Valentin goes to Nina and says they need to talk about her child.

Laura shows up at Ryan's door.