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Perkie's Observations: Margaux Wants Drew's Memories of Jason on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller

Ryan is shocked to see Laura. She says Spencer's better, so she decided to come home and surprise him. Lucy shows up with soup for "Kevin", which does not amuse Laura. Laura demands a moment alone with Lucy.

Lucy admits she's been spending time with "Kevin" in Laura's absence. Laura says she respects Lucy's history, but warns her to remember her boundaries.

Margaux thinks she can flip Jason, but Jordan says they have no evidence and the DA is too close to the investigation. Margaux insists she wants justice.

Jason warns Carly that Margaux will continue to come after Sonny, who will do everything to protect Mike. Jason wants something to hold over Margaux. Carly thinks they need to take a closer look at her father and dig up any dirt that would discredit him.

Valentin tells Nina she didn't miscarry. He can prove she has a daughter. Valentin explains Madeline's story and shows her a photo of Sasha. Nina says her mother could have been lying, but Valentin tells her about Curtis and the DNA test.

Valentin says they're waiting on a second test and asks what Nina wants to do. Nina agrees to wait for the results of the second test.

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Oscar (who hasn't changed that awful shirt in three weeks, seriously wardrobe, burn that thing) is still upset with his parents and feels there is no reason to even try the drug trial since he'll die anyway. Kim and Drew try to reassure him they will explore all their options. Kim thinks Oscar should talk to his friends, but he refuses and storms off as Julian walks up.

Julian asks Kim what's happening, but she says it's Oscar's business and she wants to respect his privacy. Kim thinks they should stop seeing each other since she can't talk to him. Julian refuses. He says she doesn't have to confide anything if she can't, but he's there for her when she needs him.

Lulu returns something to Chase that he left at her house when he was there for a meal. She's happy to have him around since it makes her feel more connected to Dante.

Jordan tells Valerie she passed the detectives exam and will partner with Chase while Dante is away. Lulu's happy for Valerie, but seems upset that Dante is being forgotten.

Oscar heads over to Josslyn's and tells her he wants to break up with her. Josslyn wants an explanation, but Oscar wants space.

Margaux runs into Drew. She tells him the body was her father's and she wants his help in bringing down Sonny. Drew says he can't help her.

"Kevin" apologizes to Laura for Lucy asserting herself in his life. When Laura tries to get frisky, he turns her down. Laura angrily wants to know why. "Kevin" claims he is coming down with the flu and he doesn't want to get her sick.