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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Delivers News to Nina on General Hospital

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Donnell Turner, Michelle Stafford

Donnell Turner, Michelle Stafford

Laura's happy to see that "Kevin's" not feverish in the morning, even though he spent the night in the guest room rather than with her. Ryan says he has a cold and wants to keep his distance from her until it clears up. Laura is surprised when Ryan says he's going in to work. She thought they could spend the day together.

Joss informs her mother she's skipping school because Oscar dumped her. Carly is surprised, but feels Oscar must be going through something that he's not ready to share. Carly says Joss needs to deal with it, then move on and be strong. She promises Joss will get through this.

Oscar gives Cameron his essay to hand in as his own. Cam doesn't understand why until Oscar says he's sick and his parents kept it from him. Cam mentions Joss, but Oscar says he hasn't told her and isn't planning to. Cam says Joss will figure it out.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica and tell her everything that's going on. Monica wants to review all the test results so she can be on the same page. She says there are trials happening all the time and promises to help Oscar out.

Drew admits to Monica he wasn't prepared for something like this since he just found Oscar. Monica promises to be there with them, and they'll fight together. Monica tells Drew to let the people that love him help him out. Then he can better help Oscar.

Maxie updates Nina the WSB is close to catching Liesl, but Nina is distracted. Curtis shows up, so Maxie leaves them to it. Curtis says he didn't tell Nina he was searching for her daughter because he didn't want to get her hopes up. Curtis explains how he found her, but Sasha doesn't believe she's adopted.

Curtis admits he wants more evidence that can't be tampered with. Nina shows him the heart pendant and Curtis wonders if Sasha has the other half. Curtis gets a call from the second lab confirming Sasha is Nina's daughter. Curtis reminds Nina this news will also shake up Sasha's life.

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Felicia stops by to ask Maxie to go on a mother/daughter/infant son trip. Maxie pushes until Felicia admits she's being hounded by news magazines over Ryan's story. She doesn't want them pestering Maxie. Maxie tells her to take the trip with Mac instead.

Lulu shows up as "Kevin's" leaving for work. She and Laura get caught up on all things Spencer and Dante. Talk turns to Ryan and the upcoming anniversary. Laura is surprised when Lulu says "Kevin" is supportive of her news piece.

Joss calls Cam over. She tells him Oscar dumped her and she wants to know why. Cam denies any knowledge. Joss wonders if it's another girl, but Cam says Oscar would be crazy to find someone else. Joss wants Cam's help in getting Oscar back.

Carly runs into "Kevin" and wants to make an appointment with him. Ryan tells her to call his office. She mentions the morse code, which angers Ryan. Carly says she needs to deal with what happened at Ferncliff and reminds him the anniversary of Morgan's death is coming up. Ryan blames his shortness on his cold and promises to make time for her.

Carly finds Kim and tells her about the break up. She tells Kim that Joss is taking it very hard. Kim only offers that Oscar is going through something personal right now.

Drew runs into Oscar playing hooky and demands to know why he isn't in school. Oscar doesn't think there is any point to it. Drew says he needs to fight this, but Oscar declares that he's dropping out.

Nina tells Maxie that Curtis found her daughter.

Felicia runs into "Kevin" and asks to speak to him, which he's happy to do.