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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gab"i" Barely Breaks a Sweat in Convincing Chad that Gabb"y" is Back

Gani Hernandez, Days of Our Lives

Camila Banus

We begin our day in Salem with Eric going to see Chloe. He wants to find out about Nicole, but she's busy worrying about Lucas, Bonnie, and Baby Bonnie. Eric tells Chloe he has to get in touch with Nicole. He found out that Brady forced her to leave and was going to go to the police if she didn't. Eric won't spill all the tea to Chloe, but just enough to pique her interest. Chloe is gonna dig. She wants to know what Jennifer thinks. She is stunned to hear Jennifer gave the ring back to Eric when she told him she had known about Brady and Nicole for over a month.

Maggie and Victor are sitting in Horton Square. Mags is reminiscing about lying to Eric and contacting Nicole. Victor is pissed off that the peons at this outdoor cafe don't know how to make a martini - "the nectar of the gods". Further, he is not happy they had to haul themselves over there to get away from Susan Banks - who called her a mean, mean, mean man - and Gabi Hernandez, who is also mooching off them. Victor thinks Maggie is bothered that their house has become a "cracker factory", but she tells him it's actually because she LIED to Eric about Nicole. She's been chatting with the former Mrs. Kiriakis about Holly.

Side note: Does everybody remember that Nicole and Victor were once married, and she and Jan Spears tried to kill him by electrocuting him in the bathtub? As often happens in Salem, he wasn't actually dead, but being held captive with a bunch of other folks on Melaswen.     

Maggie continues by saying Nicole has sworn her to secrecy. Victor loves Maggie for being a woman of her word. Maggie is about to be reminded that Victor cannot be trusted in the slightest. She wants to know if he knows something. Yeah, yeah he does. He knows all of the everything. Maggie is stunned by Brady's actions. Really, Mags? Really? Victor feels justified for keeping the secret because he was protecting Brady. Maggie wonders if Eric knows that Victor knows - I almost giggled when that line was uttered. Maggie doesn't know what to do. She also wonders how Jennifer Rose fits into all of this business. Victor wants Mags to keep quiet, but then relents when he figures out she's like a dog with a bone. I wonder if we're going to see Maggie and Chloe sharing all of their knowledge to work this thing out? It would really chap Julie's hide for those two to be chummy.

Gabi with an "i" is telling Chad he thinks Gabby with a "y" has reemerged.  Chad mumbles something about why she thinks that. Gab"i" is trying to tell Chad she spoke with Stefan. He said Abigail texted him - but then said it was meant for JJ. Chad seems both confused and indignant as he wonders why they are even having this discussion. Gab"i" presses on and says Stefan described Abigail as confused and "thrown". Chad still doesn't seem quite right, but manages to conclude that Gab"i" thinks Gabb"y" sent the text.

Side note: I do kind of love that they are continuing with the "Gabby with a y" line.

Chad goes on to explain that Abigail has been worried about backsliding . . . I think they meant "relapsing". When I hear "backsliding" I think about being in church as a kid, and hearing about folks who had been backsliding away from the Lord and towards their sinful ways. I digress . . . Gab"i" is sorry she is jumping to conclusions, but Chad stupidly thinks Stefan is manipulating her. Giggle. Gab"i" turns the knife a little bit more by reiterating that Stefan said it was Gabb"y" who sent the text message. Chad is very easy to convince. He reasons out that it sounds like Abigail is losing time again like she was before she was diagnosed. Chad keeps going with his theory, which makes Gab"i"s job even easier. He thinks Gabb"y" is trying to get out so she can give birth to the baby. Chad decides to call Abigail, but that's not what Gab"i" wants him to do, so she speaks words and he obeys. She goes further and asks don't you think there would be Gabb"y" stuff lying around the house if all this were true? Gab"i" volunteers to watch Thomas while Chad checks the house. Chad says she is the best. Gab"i" says definitely not the best, but pretty darn good. I still love Gab"i"s audible thoughts.

Abby and Stefan are arguing at Grandma Alice's house as he tries to convince her that his precious Gabb"y" is back! Stefan thinks Abigail is a damn lie. He knows Gabb"y" sent that message. Abigail thinks Stefan is delusional . . . pot, kettle, black? Anyway, Stefan seems quite tickled at the prospect of Gabb"y"s return, as it means a little "reunited and it feels so good" moment for Stefan and his existent, but non-existent girlfriend. Abigail isn't having any of this nonsense, but Stefan won't let it go. Finally, Abigail admits to Stefan she is sleeping a lot and losing time - why would she do that? Abigail is going to see a psychiatrist and Stefan wants to go with her. Nope, nope, nope. Abigail doesn't want him anywhere near that baby despite having just told him something that even Chad doesn't know. 

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At University Hospital, Eli is holding Sami back from causing damage to herself and others - as so many have done before him. She doesn't understand why he is harassing her and not out there looking for Kristen. At the nurses station, Eli handcuffs her so she'll stop acting a fool. Sami is pissed off, but tries to reason with Eli that Kristen is in the tunnels under DiMera mansion. She knows that because she was locked in - by Kristen. Alas, she never saw her, so Eli thinks Sami is stalling . . . but Samantha Gene will wear you down until you do what she asks just so she'll shut up. Then, she tripped herself up. She said he could go to the DiMera mansion and she could "find" her mother. Eli is all, hold up, what? Sami talks her way out of it and drags Eli to the elevator  

In the construction zone, Marlena is flashing back to the night of the wedding/shooting. The memory isn't clear, but she thinks she saw something before the gunshot. John tries to work with her, clearly happy she's back, but equally happy he's not with Hattie. Marlena remembers that Eric leapt at Sami while she was holding the gun - Finally! Way in the distance, Marlena saw someone who shouldn't have been there. Wait, not a person, but another gun! She's not sure who it was, but someone had a gun pointed at her while Sami also had a gun pointed at her. Wait, Sami is innocent! Samantha Gene Brady is a lot of things, but innocent is not one of them.

Marlena really wants to be able to remember the face of the person who was holding the gun. Marlena confirms the gun Kristen had was the one that Sami had when she allegedly shot her. John is going to get it tested, which leads Marlena to mew just a little bit. I've missed that mew.

At the Salem PD, John goes to see Sami in the interrogation room - which is where everyone is now held. She goes on about Hattie breaking out of prison and impersonating Marlena. John starts to tell Sami the story, but she gets it quickly. After she recounts the story, John says, "that's a fact." We got a Marlena mew and a "that's a fact" all in the same episode! Sami thinks what John did is just like something she would have done. Finally! John and Sami have something in common! The love is about to get much deeper as John tells her he doesn't believe she is responsible for Marlena's condition.

We begin the end of our day in Salem with Sami and John at the Salem PD. John is explaining to Samantha why he thinks he knows she didn't do it. All they need to do is get the bullet and gun tested. In walks Eli to say he pulled the bullet from evidence. Is Commissioner Brady going to be okay with one of her own trying to clear the woman who slept with her fiancé? Eli eyeballed the bullet and knew it wasn't the same caliber as the gun. Sami is cleared!

At University Hospital, Marlena is trying to remember who had the gun. Meanwhile, Abigail and Stefan arrive to go to the psychiatrist. Abigail is worried because Marlena was helping her and she's laid up in her sick bed. Stefan says she's the only one who will be able to figure it out. Abigail says it will be the only way for her to get control of the situation. Wait a minute, is it just me or did Dr. Laura alter just pop into Abigail's eyes? I think that was her music.

Over at the Horton house, Chad is searching through Abigail's drawers. He isn't really finding anything until he looks on the floor and the piano music begins as he finds the black wig. Gabb"y"s!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor berates Gab"i" for making herself at home. She tells him to talk to Sonny if he doesn't like it - pretty ballsy. She's not going to let Victor the grouch get her down.

Back at Doug's Place, Chloe and Eric are trying to figure out how to get in touch with Nicole. They are at a loss until Maggie comes in, admits she was lying, and tells them she knows where she is.

That's it. We've come to the end of another day in Salem, USA. What did you think? What did you like? Sound off in the comments!