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Perkie's Observations: Ava Confesses Her Feelings to "Kevin" on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Felicia wants to talk to "Kevin" about Ryan since the two of them are the only ones who know the gruesome truth. She wants to protect "Kevin" from the tabloids and give out a press release to distance themselves. Ryan feels they can guide the press and tell the story more accurately. The two agree to meet later to go over the details.

Ava stops by to give something to Avery, but Carly is dismissive as always. Even Jason snarks out Ava. But, she reminds him his sorry butt would still be drugged up in a chair in Russia if it weren't for her. Of course Jason, CarSon lapdog that he is, dismisses any help he got from her.

Carly crows about Ava being humiliated by Griffin and Kiki until Ava's had enough. She tells Carly to make sure Avery is ready for pick up tomorrow. Carly says Avery will be with her family tomorrow. Ava counters she has full custody and doesn't understand what's so important about tomorrow.

Carly says that it's the anniversary of Morgan's death (Morgan died, who knew?) and he's dead because of Ava.

Maxie doesn't believe Nina's story about a daughter until Nina gives her the full details. She explains that Curtis found her and gave her a DNA test that turned out to be positive. Maxie asks when Nina will be meeting her, but Nina doesn't want to rip Sasha's life apart. Maxie thinks Nina's worried she'll be rejected.

Peter's sorry about Griffin's suspension and swears he wasn't the one who told. Griffin says he has to face his own consequences. Peter mentions that Anna is out looking for Liesl. Griffin says Anna won't stop until she knows Peter is safe.

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Peter asks if Griffin would be willing to work for The Invader as a medical editor, but Griffin turns him down. Griffin asks if Peter ever found closure or peace. Peter admits he got his revenge, but it came at a cost.

Finn performs tests on his father to find out what is causing his symptoms. Finn decides whatever it is, isn't life threatening. Both Gregory and Chase want Finn to join them for a meal, but he turns them down. Gregory wants Finn to forgive him for moving on after his mother died. Finn has no interest being nice to his father.

Peter stops by to let Nina know that Anna has gone after Liesl. Nina wants Peter's take on adopted kids finding their parents. Peter says it should be the child's choice. Later, Nina calls and leaves a voicemail for Sasha.

Kiki and Griffin run into each other. He wants to apologize again, but she says she's not sorry they slept together that night. Kiki is happy it happened, and wants more. The two kiss.

Jason visits with Sam and spends some time with Danny.

Ava stops by to see "Kevin" for advice. She explains how she tried to redeem herself and yet, is still treated like dirt. Ava mentions how Griffin and Kiki betrayed and humiliated her, and now she's filled with rage and the need to hurt them.

Ryan's practically salivating listening to this, though he tries hard to offer "Kevin-like" advice. Ryan says she's protecting her heart. Ava feels she'll prove everyone right if she tries to get her revenge, but she doesn't want to let things go unpunished. Ava is surprised that "Kevin" isn't admonishing her thoughts. Ryan says she has to decide what's best for her.