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Days of Our Lives Recap: Big Daddy Horton Takes off with Baby Bonnie . . . and Mama Mimi is PISSED!

Bryan Dattilo

Bryan Dattilo

Our day in Salem begins in Horton Square where Roman joins Kate, who FINALLY asks about Marlena. Roman says he has a proposition for her. Kate looks intrigued. He says he knows all about her being behind the lawsuit Leo brought against Sonny. He also knows that Stefan was somehow using that information against her. Kate plays it cool, but wonders how he could possibly know that. Flashback: Kayla in Kate's room at the Salem Inn gathering evidence for Stefan so Patch could get that bionic eye. Kate calls Kayla a "bitch", which doesn't elicit the response one might think from Roman. He wants to work with Kate to bring Stefan down. Kate is reluctant, so Roman reminds her they are bonded by their children, Rex and Cassie. Kate waves Roman off and wants to stay on point. Roman doesn't really understand what Stefan got Kate to do, but he suspects it has something to do with the disappearances of Leo and Ted. Kate knows what happened to Leo and remembers that Stefan "permanently relocated" Ted. 

At University Hospital, Abigail explains to Kayla she thinks Gabb"y" is back. She is missing time and sleeping a lot. Kayla said that she slept a lot with Joey - who is in prison for murdering Tripp's mama, but we don't talk about that a lot anymore. Abigail wants to see Marlena because Grandma Laura is in Africa and she doesn't feel comfortable talking to anyone else. Kayla says she'll check on Marlena because she's been tired as well. Abigail should head on back to the house and rest. 

After Abigail leaves, Kayla gets snarky with Stefan and he reminds her that he can blind Steve at any time. Kayla is in no mood as she remembers that she told Roman and the Feds everything about what she did for Stefan to get that technology for Steve . . . did she make a deal for immunity from criminal prosecution that also protects her medical license? That seems like a lot . . . but she is a Brady. #BradyPrivilege. 

Upstairs at the Horton House, Chad is still looking at Gabb"y"s wig. Chad thinks there is no other explanation for the wig other than the obvious. Downstairs at the Horton House, Jennifer Rose is flipping through bills and comes across her engagement party invitation (I think). She's missing her some Eric, but more pressing matters are about to distract her. Here comes Chad, who startles Jennifer. He hides the wig in his jacket, but quickly changes his mind and shows Jennifer Gabb"y"s flowing locks. Jennifer and Chad are arguing about what to do when Abigail walks in. She astutely deduces they are upset because they are arguing. Well done, Abigail. Jennifer shows her the wig Chad found. Calling Dr. Laura, Dr. Laura to the Horton living room, stat!

Abigail does not understand why they are yelling and why Chad is not taking care of Thomas. Chad explains that Gab"i" has Thomas and Abigail looks like she is ready to throw down. Jennifer explains that Gab"i" told Chad that she thought her DID might have returned - via her conversation with Stefan. Chad goes on to explain to Abigail that Gab"i" is only concerned about her just like they all are. Abigail is getting pissed. She doesn't remember texting Stefan. She hates him and doesn't get how she's supposed to rest while all this is going on. 

Quick Side Note: Melissa Reeves is giving soap opera face, even in the distant background of this scene. She really is underrated. 

At Doug's Place, Chloe and Eric continue to try and figure out where Nicole is hiding. Maggie walks in and declares she knows where Nicole is and now she's going to tell Eric the truth. Maggie gives Eric the address to find Nicole. She is staying in her daughter Sarah's apartment in Chicago. Sarah. Horton. Old school DAYS fans have been waiting for Sarah and/or Melissa Horton to be back on canvas since God was a boy. Eric takes the address and heads out of town.   

Maggie stays around to catch up with Chloe and get the dirt on Bonnie, Lucas, and Baby Bonnie. Chloe is worried about Lucas' sobriety. Mags has faith and believes Chloe will be supportive. They talk a bit about how much they believe in Lucas, despite his unfortunate connection to Bonnie Lockhart. Chloe goes on to explain that her reluctance to stay with Lucas isn't about helping him with "a" baby, but with "this" baby. She doesn't have fond memories of the last name "Lockhart", especially the one she went to high school with, Mimi. Mags says Mimi was the way she was because of Bonnie and this baby will have much better role models . . . or will she?

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At the Salem PD, Bonnie and Lucas arrive back from Brookville to see Baby Bonnie, but she wasn't there. Lucas brought her back to the Salem PD because why? Oh, apparently Lucas thinks he has the power to send Bonnie back to prison because she lied . . . which is not so much how that process works, but you do you, Big Daddy Horton. Bonnie is trying to talk her way out of this mess. She wants to make a freaking phone call to make all this mess right. Lucas is skeptical, but gives Bonnie some privacy to call a mystery person to bring that baby back! 

Lucas steps out to call Chloe to tell her she was right about Bonnie not coming through with Baby Bonnie. Bonnie deletes the number she dialed from Lucas' phone so he won't know who she called. Now they are going to see Baby Bonnie. At the Salem Inn, Lucas finds an empty room and wants to go back to the Salem PD until he spots Baby Bonnie! He goes to her and says, "you are way too cute for that name" and other adorably snarky things. Poor Lucas .

The end of our week in Salem begins with at the Salem Inn where Bonnie wants Lucas to get gone because he has laid eyes on Baby Bonnie. Bonnie reminds Lucas that this is not a movie of the week (Mommy, May I Sleep with Bonnie?) Lucas decides to leave with the baby and Bonnie lets him. After he leaves, Bonnie tells someone to come out . . . and it's Mimi, who is good and ticked that Bonnie let Lucas walk out with HER baby! 

Lucas arrives at Doug's Place to let Chloe and Maggie see Baby Bonnie!

In Horton Square, Roman is like a dog with a bone trying to get Kate to work with him to take down Stefan. She thinks it is too dangerous, but Roman reminds her that they make a formidable team - Kate and Roman were a really good couple back in the day. Finally, she shakes hands and agrees to worth with Roman to double cross Stefan. 

At University Hospital, Stefan reminds Kayla she still owes him. Kayla tries to reason with Stefan by using Abigail and the baby. Stefan says Gabb"y" could be back and he won't have to worry about Abigail. Kayla tells Stefan where he can get off. Stefan looks genuinely amused and intrigued by Kayla, and tells her he is enjoying her "You go girl" moment. She should remember he has a better hand. Kayla sets her jaw and tells Stefan that she's a champ at poker, and would lay odds on her. I love when Kayla sets her jaw.  

At the Horton House, Jennifer is scared for Abigail and doesn't want her to suffer anymore. Abigail can't explain the wig, in fact, the police have her first wig in evidence. Did she go out and buy another one? Abigail doesn't know what is going on. She would appreciate it if Chad and Gab"i" and everybody would stay out of her business and stop going through her things. 

In Chicago, Eric arrives at the address where Maggie said Nicole was living. He knocks, waits, and starts to walk away, but the door opens . . . and it's Nicole.

Our week in Salem USA is complete. What did you think? Are you excited to have Mimi and Nicole back? Sound off in the comments!